Today’s Poeltl Game Answer [Daily Update] Mystery Player of the Day

Today Poeltl Answer
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Are you looking for Today’s Poeltl Game Answer? Don’t wary will give you the solution for Today’s Poeltl Mystery player of the day, We have Today’s Poeltl Answer for you so that you don’t have to lose your streak if you’re having a hard time with the puzzle!

Do you like the NBA? If your answer is “yes” , and you also consider yourself a scholar on the subject, then you should put all your knowledge to the test in Poeltl, a fun Wordle in which you have to guess NBA players .

Since its release as a public online game on February 26, 2022, Poeltl has become a flagship game for NBA enthusiasts to play competitive games within its niche. Given the group of players that could be the answer of the day, you can guess how difficult the actual game is.


For the inexperienced, Poeltl is a word-like challenge offered by a mystery NBA player every 24 hours for players to solve in just 8 attempts. To play, he must possess in-depth and accurate knowledge about the team (current and former teams), conference, division, position, age and height of as many players as possible, the more the better.

How to play Poeltl?

Like most of the versions of Wordle that we can find on the Internet , Poeltl is completely free and works on both mobile devices and computers . Basically, the only requirement that needs to be met in order to play it is to be connected to the Internet.

Today's Poeltl  Game Answer

Of course, unlike other sports words , only current NBA players appear in this one . In other words, you will have to know the rosters of the 30 NBA teams to be able to guess the different players that appear each day in this Wordle.

As you risk names, the game in question will give you different clues . These clues are related to the teams, conferences, divisions, numbers and other aspects related to the basketball players that make up the North American league (height, weight and position).

Is it a Wordle where only NBA fans can play?

To be honest, yes, it is a Wordle where only those who know the current NBA rosters can play. In the same way, you can use Google to discover the player of the day (it would be cheating, but… sometimes it is necessary to use the search engine).

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Finally, from here we recommend using Google Chrome to play Poeltl . This browser does not usually present errors when guessing players, as well as seeing the clues that are presented throughout the game.

Today’s Poeltl Answer?

Here are Today’s Poeltl for July 6th, 2022! Remember to bookmark this page so you can always find the next solution!

Today's Poeltl Answer?
DateMystery Player of the Day
06 July 2022Jimmy Butler

Meet the creator of POELTL, the NBA version of Wordle

One Friday morning, web developer Gabe Danon tweeted to his 328 followers without knowing the consequences: ” Try POELTL. (It’s like Wordle but with NBA players . “) As he revealed, he hoped that the response was very low. 

“There were other weird versions that had already come out,” he thought. “And no one is going to pay special attention to this one.”

A day later, more than 4,000 people had retweeted his message and more than 240,000 unique visitors had tried the game. Danon was overwhelmed and shocked by people’s response as this was his first viral project at that level.

It is enough to play POELTL once to see why it is so popular. The rules are simple: there are eight tries to uncover the mysterious NBA player behind it. Like Wordle, POELTL gives certain clues to proceed with the attempts such as finding the team, age, division, height or jersey number of the player of the day.

The game has attracted every imaginable NBA fan. It may be that in your Twitter TL you have come across the characteristic green, black and yellow lines so characteristic of Wordle , with the difference that here the focus is the best league in the world. 

POELTL’s first player, Nikola Vucevic, acknowledged being a fan of the game on his Twitter account.

Danon loves Wordle and other guessing games offered by The New York Times. The NBA version of him came up by playing another clone of Wordle in which users guess a country from his silhouette.

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“It was like you could do this with anything,” the author acknowledged.

Danon created a proof of concept for a version of the NBA that same day and recruited his wife, a web designer, to help with the aesthetics of the site. They have both run their own business together for the last eleven years. The author calls himself a new NBA fan who became a fan after producing a weekly basketball comedy podcast called “Dunktown” with his friends Anastasia and Agata four years ago. The podcast has its own Patreon and Discord. That’s where he got the Jakob Poeltl-based idea for the name and tested it out before releasing it to the public last Friday.

POELTL can be a bit tricky depending on the mystery player of the day. Danon confesses that he’s terrible at his own game himself, but has offered some tips for getting it done quickly.

There are only just over 300 players on Danon’s roster and it’s never going to be a hugely unknown name, so don’t waste an opportunity thinking it’s Chuma Okeke.

The player’s silhouette-based play style has been criticized for being easier than expected. Although Danon advises to do what it takes to win.

” Cheat any way you can ,” said the author. In fact, he confesses that he checks the NBA team rosters while he plays to get it sooner.

Like Wordle, there is some debate about the best way to start POELTL . Danon always picks Gary Harris, because he’s a generic name that pops into his head first thing in the morning.

Danon’s motivation for this game is not economic, in fact she hopes that this can lead to her friends’ podcast gaining impact. Although if the New York Times comes up with a million dollar offer she won’t turn it down, of course. The site is ad-free and does not plan for this to change.

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“Having the ability to code an app doesn’t mean you should be fooling around with it,” the author joked. “So it’s not something I’m looking to make money off of. If people like it and wait all day to make it they should hang out listening to our podcast. It’s fun and we put a lot of thought into the production.”

On the other hand, the support of the people has been incredible.

“The overall response has been very positive. Everyone is having fun and it’s very rewarding.”

For now, the NBA version is pretty much a finished product. But other sports could be on the way. He is a huge fan of the WNBA and counts the New York Liberty and Los Angeles Sparks as his favorite teams. He plans to call that version “Sue Bird-le”.

Other than that, he doesn’t know what the future holds. He didn’t have big ambitions for the project, but he hopes that people will continue to have fun with it.

“I’m so glad people are enjoying it,” he said, “because I know how nice it is to have fun like this.”

Which are the Poeltl rules

Poeltl NBA Wordle has the following sections that can help you identify the player:

  • Equipment
  • Conference
  • Division
  • Position
  • Height
  • Age
  • Number

A green square indicates that the guess is correct.

A blank square indicates that the assumption is incorrect.

A yellow square in Poeltl NBA Wordle actually has different meanings.

If it’s in the “Team” column, it means that the player you’re looking for once played for the team of the player you just guessed, but has since moved on.

Yellow in the Position section means you partially match the position you need, while yellow in any other column means your estimate is within two (2) of the number you need.

For example, if you guess that LeBron James and yellow appear in the numbers section, you will be two away from LeBron’s number 6 with the LA Lakers.

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