Today’s Taylordle Answer 2022 [Daily Update]

How to play Taylordle
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Last updated on October 16th, 2022 at 06:15 pm

Today’s Taylordle Answer: Taylordle by The Holy Swift podcast has created a new version of Wordle, Taylor Swift style Wordle style game with a simple concept of guessing a 5 letter word in six attempts. The game is available online for free to play. In a very short span of time, Taylordle has become very popular among Taylor Swift fans. The Taylordle Word Game is so amazing that It has now become a part of day-to-day life. Every day the Taylordle Word of the Day resets at midnight and the participants get 24 hours to solve the new puzzle.

So to make it simple and easy for the Taylordle users, here in this post we are going to solve and provide the correct Taylordle Answer for today. We update this page every day with the latest Taylordle Answer. So the next time you need the Taylordle Answer, just visit this page to find it first.


How to play Taylordle

There were originally only five-letter words for Taylordle at launch, but that has changed to include 4 to 8 letter words to keep the game going. This game has been made by the Holy Swift Podcast, which is a song-by-song Taylor Swift Podcast available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

How to play Taylordle

Once you have made a guess, the tiles will change colour, which lets you know if you have guessed a letter that appears in the answer and if you have placed it in the correct position. The colours are also the same as Wordle, except they are a lot brighter and they mean the same, i.e. if the tile is grey, it means the letter doesn’t appear in the word, yellow means it’s in the wrong position and green means you have placed it correctly.

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The game is very simple. It consists of guessing a word or character name from the World of Taylor Swift in 6 attempts. When you solve this mysterious word, you can share an image of the solution.

If you love Taylor Swift!, we think you will like this online game. If you try it you will find out perfectly why this online game has gone viral in in a few hours.

Taylordle Tips

You can get higher at Dordle through the use of the information beneath, which is able to make it a little bit simpler to get nearer to the right 5-letter phrases every time you play.

  • Use a superb beginning phrase – You ought to have just a few go-to phrases that can provide help to begin your puzzle. These usually embody a variety of vowels and won’t repeat letters. Some fashionable selections are: adieu, audio, atone, elevate, and stone. Taylordle can have assorted phrase lengths, so for an eight-letter phrase attempt: equation, boutique, and so forth.
  • Keep a watch out for duplicate letters – It’s straightforward to overlook that you just might need repeat letters in your puzzle. For instance, the phrase “snoop” has double “o” in it. This received’t be apparent from the clues given by Dordle. Just since you see a letter is inexperienced in a specific spot doesn’t imply it wouldn’t work in one other!
  • Remember the theme – Be certain to needless to say the puzzle might be one thing to do with Taylor Swift, so deal with phrases that relate to her songs and character!
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That’s every part you want to know in regards to the reply for immediately Taylordle. We cowl quite a lot of different video games of this nature, you will discover assist for these within the Games part of our web site!

Today’s Taylordle Answers

Okay, are you Ready For It? Today’s Taylordle of the day is:

DateTaylordle Answers
17 Oct 2022STYLE
16 Oct 2022LOVER
15 Oct 2022DRESS
14 Oct 2022*******
13 Oct 2022BETTY
12 Oct 2022******
11 Oct 2022EXILE
08 Oct 2022BLOOD
07 Oct 2022PHONE
06 Oct 2022TRACK
05 Oct 2022VIDEO
04 Oct 2022OTHER
Taylordle Answers
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Note: Taylordle game don’t allows players to play a new game again after finishing the day’s game.

What is Taylordle Game?

Taylordle is a fantastic game for Taylor Swift (Swifties) and Wordle fans, as it combines both of their interests into one. The goal of the game is to guess the Taylor Swift-related word of the day, and it works similarly to Wordle in that you have six guesses to solve the word with no initial clues.

Taylordle Alternative

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