Top 10 Best Anti-plagiarism Software

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Last updated on January 7th, 2023 at 02:54 pm

The Internet has made available to everyone a large amount of information and works that we can copy very easily and that has led to plagiarism becoming so widespread in recent years.

TOP 10 anti-plagiarism software
Best Anti-plagiarism Software

What is anti-plagiarism software

These tools, which are usually online, allow a text to be reviewed to check its originality and avoid plagiarism of other existing ones. An anti-plagiarism software compares in a few seconds the text that we select with millions of other texts published on the Internet to find matches.


Some of these tools are so precise that in addition to finding exact matches of entire passages, they can also identify word fragments from other texts indicating whether plagiarism exists.

Reasons to use an anti-plagiarism program

Plagiarism is a very common practice and it has become even easier to do with the arrival of the Internet and new technologies, but we must not forget that plagiarism devalues ​​the work and effort of another person when creating anything, not just texts.

These are the reasons why anti-plagiarism programs are frequently used:

  • For ethical reasons . As we mentioned before, the creation of a text requires time, effort and a person, not only in writing it, but in all the previous work of documentation and data verification. Plagiarism of an original text is a way of underestimating this effort, either due to lack of time or inexperience.
  • For credibility . When we provide data or make assessments based on real and verified information, we create texts in which people seek support or form an opinion trusting the experience of an expert. Practicing plagiarism will lose all credibility and may even lead to the closure of our website. 
  • By SEO . Google looks very closely at the content between some websites and others to penalize those that practice plagiarism when creating their content. The most common consequences are that Google will prevent your website from appearing in the first positions in searches, that the plagiarized content will be directly eliminated and that the keywords of your website will be seriously affected.
  • For profitability . In order to achieve economic profitability with a website that is not exclusively dedicated to the sale of services or products, it is vitally important to create completely unique and original content that users consider very relevant. Therefore, if we opt for plagiarism techniques, we will risk suffering the consequences imparted by Google that we mentioned earlier, as well as damaging our image.
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Top 10 anti-plagiarism software

We have analyzed some of the best anti-plagiarism software, some of them free, that you can find to verify the quality of your texts:



This is a great anti-plagiarism program, as well as popular, since its free version is enough to find plagiarism in any content, but also to know if there are other pages identical to yours.

“Copyscape works for both offline and web documents, where we can check and contrast thousands of pages for plagiarism and find help on how to manage plagiarism cases.”

It is a tool that we can also configure to use as a team with several editors and that also has a filter from which we can add some trusted websites or that we manage so that it does not appear in searches.

Copyscape official website

2. Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Checker
Plagiarism Checker

One of the reasons why this anti-plagiarism software is so popular is that it allows us to quickly and visually detect the parts of our text that are plagiarized, highlighting them in red and redirecting us to the website where that fragment is located.

“Plagiarism Checker is anti-plagiarism software widely recommended by bloggers and entrepreneurs, with a minimal margin of error.”

It is a completely free and online tool that allows us to review both documents individually and web pages. In addition, we can also find on their website a very interesting section on questions about plagiarism and a section dedicated to reporting cases of verified plagiarism.

Checker official website

3. Viper


The most outstanding features of Viper is that you can detect the plagiarism of a document by contrasting between 10 billion online sources to receive a report with the plagiarized content of your document, all from a very easy-to-use and visual interface.

“Unlike other tools like Turnitin, Viper allows you to check the same document multiple times.”

Unlike other anti-plagiarism platforms, Viper offers a credit payment method that allows you to pay only for the services you use, although it also has a free version.

viper official website

4. DupliChecker


Although it has a limitation of 1000 words per text and document that we review, DupliChecker is one of the anti-plagiarism tools with one of the largest databases among tools of this type and it is also free.

“DupliChecker is a software very committed to the privacy of its users and that is why it eliminates from the database with its verifier the content that has been scanned and detected as plagiarism.”

One of its most popular paid plans is the one that allows you to do 240,000 searches per month for $20, although it offers very flexible and personalized plans. In addition, it has a plagiarism percentage meter to adapt to the parameters of each user and eliminate all parts of plagiarism to make the document. 

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DupliChecker official website

5. PlagScan


The best thing about Plag is that it offers a large number of scores to detect in texts: similarity scores, plagiarism risk scores, paraphrase scores and incorrect citations.

“It is one of the most used free tools in the field of education, since it can be used with up to documents of more than 100 pages.”

All the matches found in your texts are highlighted so that we can edit those parts and correct them. The highlighted parts appear in different colors depending on the typology and the percentage of plagiarism.

PlagScan official website

6. EduBirdie


Although this tool is specially created for students, it is a great option for all those people who need to analyze the quality of the texts. In addition, it has a support available 24 hours a day every day to help avoid the software and solve all the doubts that may arise.

“EduBirdie has a double document checking system, but it contrasts the website with others to find out the level of veracity and relevance and then the information so that you always have original content.”

This software has a very extensive database that allows you to review texts very effectively, although its free version has quite a few limitations.

EduBirdie official website

7. Quetext

7. Quetext


This anti-plagiarism software stands out for being completely online and having a very clean and easy-to-use interface, where as soon as you enter you have a text box to enter the document you want to review.

“Quetext is one of the most widely used anti-plagiarism software in the academic and online text sector, with an automatic citation generator system that prevents incorrect citation or exact copying from other documents.”

This tool uses a gradient color marking system to highlight the intensity of plagiarism as well as the percentage comparing millions of Internet searches. Although it has a limited free version, it also has a paid plan for $9.99 per month with very interesting features.

Quetext official website

8. Grammarly

8. Grammarly

Grammarly has become a very popular software because it allows you to check the writing and grammar of your texts in different languages. You can use it from its website directly or by installing a plugin in your browser that will automatically correct all the texts you write in any format.

“Grammarly reviews and suggests changes to your texts in real time add some words to the dictionary so it doesn’t flag them as misspellings in the future.”

They are because they also have an application version for smartphones that will allow you to work from any device with the support of a trusted reviewer, who also has a free version and two payment options with advanced corrections for individual professionals or teams. .

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Grammarly official website

9. Copyleaks

9. Copyleaks

This anti-plagiarism software stands out for using artificial intelligence with an algorithm based on more than 100 languages ​​that allows you to check plagiarism in texts of any type with a high-quality result.

“This tool provides you with a clear and visual report of the results of reviewing your document with similar statistical elements, copied fragments, original text and much more.”

Copyleaks offers two paid versions: one focused on the academic field and the other on companies, both versions have tools specifically developed for that field. Many companies value its anti-plagiarism system for programming codes.

Copyleaks official website

10. Compilation

10. Compilation

Compilatio is a tool very focused on the educational field to make both teachers and students aware of the importance of original works and respect for already created works and copyright.

“It is an excellent tool during the learning of text creation to know good practices, how to cite correctly and how to use references.”

Compilation has two versions: one focused on students, to teach them methods of writing texts, information search and citation techniques, and another for teachers, so that they can review all their students’ work easily and reliably.

Compilation official website

What types of plagiarism exist

Plagiarism not only affects entire paragraphs of a text, but can manifest itself in multiple ways:

  • Cloning . These types of texts are usually delivered as an exact copy of another existing text with a 99% match. Some of these texts can be recognized by a characteristic shading that appears by preserving the formatting of the original text.
  • Copy and paste . This type of plagiarism is very similar to cloning, with the difference that only specific fragments of the text are copied and then literally pasted into another. They do not have to assume a high percentage of coincidence.
  • Replacement . These texts are characterized in that the content is the same as the original text, but with some changed words and expressions.
  • Mosaic . These texts are literally fragments of different sources making them fit and have coherence, without using references or citations.

Creating original content today can be quite a challenge, especially if we talk about specific topics that require specific training or experience.

It is important to be aware of how widespread the plagiarism technique is to create content, especially on the Internet, without the need to know a subject or have experience. However, it is a serious lack of respect for the people who work, train and inform themselves to create original and quality texts, in addition to being able to see the credibility of a web page or individual greatly affected if it is discovered that they plagiarize other sources.

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