Top 5 Worries about sex in marital relationships and marital life

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Last updated on June 15th, 2022 at 03:20 pm

The night worries about marital relationships are serious. Here, we will introduce the top 5 in a ranking format, focusing on “worries about sex in marital relationships and marital life” from the worries that are sent to “lovers and marital relations counseling offices”. Let’s solve it early and enjoy the communication of the couple.

Marital relationship night worries, real voices sent to the counseling office

Have you ever talked about sex “seriously” with someone somewhere? Also, have you ever talked to someone about your sex concerns?

Marital relationship night worries
Is there a solution to the couple’s sex problems?

When I opened the “Lovers and Married Couples Counseling Center” in 2003, topics related to sexuality, especially information on sexuality between couples, were taboo and were not widely covered by the media.

There was a lot of “how-to-sex” information from a male perspective, such as “adult content” such as the so-called “side dish” of male masturbation, “squid technique!”, And “technique to keep the climax!” It can be said that almost no information about sex from a female perspective was found.

In addition, when it came to “sexless”, it was taboo that even a couple had such a situation, and many people never thought of sending out the worries of such a couple’s life to the outside.

Under such circumstances, he seriously talked about sex, preached the importance of bedtime in marital relationships, and sincerely gave advice to many troubled men and women.

However, in reality, it is still difficult to talk face-to-face with friends and parents around you. Nowadays, as the sexless population increases, the “lover / marital relationship counseling center” is playing an increasingly important role as a receiver of sexual problems for married couples.

Top 5 Worries about sex in marital relationships and marital life

Therefore, this time, let’s focus on the “marital sex worries” from the worries sent to the “lover / marital relationship counseling office” and introduce the top 5 frequently occurring worries in a ranking format.

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You may have a problem with your spouse’s life, saying, “Oh, I wanted to talk about this!”

  1. Sexless caused by husband
  2. How to teach my husband who has sex
  3. Sexless caused by a wife who does not want to have sex
  4. Differences in sexual orientation between husband and wife
  5. How to break through couple’s rut ​​sex

5: How to break through couple’s rut ​​sex

One of the characteristics of our “lover / marital relationship counseling center” is that there are many positive consultations from women who want to actively enjoy the sex of their spouse. Requests such as “I have sexual desire”, “I want to feel more”, and “Slutty women’s remarks” in the old days are being sent out more and more here.

“I like sex” and “erotic things” are very important parts of a woman’s charm. The secret of a married couple’s harmonious relationship is to actively enjoy the rich time of the couple brought about by sex, without suppressing the desire for sex as “embarrassing”.

4: “Differences in sexual orientation between husband and wife”

Sexual orientation is one of the most delicate topics related to sex. A common problem is the voice that “it is difficult to tell the other person even if you are a married couple.” “I want to be bullied like SM, but if I tell her husband that kind of thing, wouldn’t she be bullied?” “How should I convey my taste?”

On the other hand, there are also consultations such as “My husband asked me to wear a sailor suit” and “I was unilaterally blamed for words and I didn’t like it”, and I was confused by the hobbies of my partner.

3: “Sexless caused by a wife who does not want to have sex”

The topic of sexless is still at the top. If the cause of sexlessness is on the wife’s side, it can be divided into consultation from the wives themselves or consultation from a husband who asks “How can I prevent my wife from rejecting me …?”.

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The causes of my wife’s loss of interest in sex can be broadly divided into “I’m annoyed because I lost my sexual desire due to various factors” and “I have sexual desire but I don’t want my husband to hold me”. There are two cases.

The former factors are often “busy with child-rearing,” “only seen as a family,” and “originally obligatory,” and the latter factors are “husband’s affair” and “change in body shape.”

In the case of women, in addition to the fact that they no longer feel sexual desire due to changes in the hormone balance after childbirth, factors such as the burden of childcare and dissatisfaction with the husband’s housework and childcare burden tend to make them sexless. .. Whether or not sex can be resumed in the first month after childbirth will be a major factor in the subsequent marital relationship.

 2: “How to teach my husband who has sex”

Despite the flood of sexual information in the world, I still have the problem of “misunderstanding I-sama sex”.

Misunderstanding sex at the virgin junior high school level, which still thinks that “the stronger and more intense sex the woman feels”. There are many wives who are suffering from sex like me who can discharge even if they can discharge regardless of the feelings of the other party.

The difficult part of this problem is that it is not easy to go in the right direction just by cutting off “I’m not good at it!”. We need to find ways to guide our wives to have more comfortable and enjoyable sex while not hurt their pride. With my wife’s wisdom and acting ability, the trick is to “educate” and praise and develop Danna-Sama little by little.

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1: “Sexless caused by husband”

The trouble of the couple relationship at night, the first place is the trouble of “husband who does not hold me”.

I don’t want to have sex, such as “I’m tired”, “I’m busy”, “I don’t have time”, “I don’t have the right timing”, “I’m pale”, “I don’t have sexual desire”, “I can’t see my wife as a woman”, “ED”, “Break”, etc. Consultation on the reason why you cannot do it and the current situation.

Sexless caused by husband

In addition, consultations on how to reach out to your husband, such as “how to invite your wife well,” “how to care about it,” and “how to inspire you,” correspond to this.

All of these are themes that my wives were worried about because they couldn’t talk to anyone before. Now, by using our counseling office, you can not only consult with the counselor, but also see the writings of people who have the same troubles, sympathize with them, heal them, and share their know-how and ingenuity. ..

Even if it is difficult to solve the problem at once, you can take steps toward improvement, such as isolating the cause and organizing it, or changing the situation little by little. Above all, I believe that the most meaningful role of the “Lovers and Married Couples Counseling Center” is to be able to gain the support of the heart that “I am not the only one who is worried.”

How was it? Sex is both physical and mental communication between the couple. Let’s solve your worries as soon as possible and fully enjoy the communication between the couple. Please note that if you leave the worries of your spouse’s life, especially sexual problems, as they are, your marriage may be affected and even divorce may occur.

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