Top 6 Tools to Repair Windows 10 and Fix Any Issues

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If you are having problems with Windows 10, be it the system or due to some other malicious configuration, you will always be able to use one of the tools that we are going to present to you to repair your PC. Plus, they’re all free.

Top 6 Tools to Repair Windows 10 and Fix Any Issues

Windows 10 is still the majority operating system for personal computers worldwide. It is a software that is continually improving and receiving updates from Microsoft , largely to solve problems that have been detected.

These problems sometimes bring bitterness to many users, since on many occasions they are caused by the updates and corrections that the Redmond-based company sends.


Other times they are caused by program errors that are installed on the computer and that can make some part of it corrupt or even happen that said software can be incompatible with a specific part of the operating system.

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Be that as it may, you can always try to solve Windows 10 problems, either waiting for new updates from Microsoft to fix these problems or using free tools that allow you to identify and fix what is not working well on your computer.

That is why today we are going to leave you with a few options so that you can solve any error that you may experience in your operating system.

Before we get started on what these third-party tools are to fix Windows 10 problems , we need to make sure that our operating system is updated to the latest version.

Although we have said that there are updates that can damage certain parts of the system, the truth is that the vast majority of them solve errors and, therefore, we must stop all those that have been released from being installed.

We must press the Windows key + I to open the system configuration and immediately go to Update and security , so that when we are inside, click on Windows Update ,

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If there is an update waiting, it is best to save everything we are working on, and then press Restart now .

Now we are going to see those applications that will help us to solve the errors that Windows 10 has.

Here are Top 6 Tools to Repair Windows 10

  1. IOBit Driver Booster
  2. Ultimate Windows Tweaker
  3. Windows Repair Toolbox
  4. Fix Win 10
  5. Windows-repair
  6. O&O ShutUp10

IOBit Driver Booster


One of the best ways we have to check Windows drivers is to use IOBit Driver Booster , since it is one of the best tools to get updates for this part of the operating system. 

It is also capable of repairing those that are damaged , since it has a database of more than a million drivers.

We can do it in the following way:

  • We download and install the program, making sure that we are not going to install any other additional software that is offered to us in said process.
  • We open Driver Booster and immediately we will see 3 tabs such as Outdated, Updated and Action Center . As their own names indicate, the first in the list names those drivers here that are out of date, the second tells us which ones are up to date, while the third contains download links for other program utilities.
  • At this time we must select the Obsolete tab .
  • We can choose to Update now using the red button or go down the list and update the drivers individually.
  • Now the program will be dedicated to updating those drivers that we have marked, requiring us to restart the computer when it has finished.

Something that we find extremely interesting that you know is that Driver Booster creates a system restore point before updating any driver, so we can always return to the previous configuration in case there is any kind of problem.

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As you can see, it is an extremely useful tool and one that is very well prepared for its task.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker

Ultimate Windows Tweaker

Ultimate Windows Tweaker is a program that allows us to quickly and efficiently enable, disable, hide or eliminate certain specific functions of Windows 10.

Yes, it is true that everything we can do in this application could also be done in the Windows configuration itself, in the registry editor or in the group policy editor. 

However, Ultimate Windows Tweaker places all the options within perfectly ordered sections and listed by more or less relevant problems, which means that we will find them very easily.

This is another case in which we are going to have the opportunity to create a restore point , something that we must do before executing anything in the program, since it does not do it automatically.

In this way we can be more sure that everything that is modified can be recovered to its previous state.

Windows Repair Toolbox

Windows Repair

Although it is always advisable to use tools that are specific and specialized in certain parts or problems that can be generated in Windows 10, it is also true that this can force many users to have a good number of different applications, which can lead to a bit of trouble. mess.

With Windows Repair Toolbox we are going to obtain a package with practically all the important repair tools that we need on our computer.

The moment we open the application we will see a large number of possibilities on the home screen. In addition to other sections that are separated by hardware, repairs, uninstaller and several other options .

This is a great possibility if in our Windows 10 we have a large number of errors of different types and that require different types of repairs. 

Thanks to the number of features that this application can have, we will be able to solve many of the problems that the operating system entails, including eliminating malware that could be on our PC.

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Fix Win 10

Fix Win 10

The great asset of FixWin 10 is that it is a repair tool for portable Windows 10 , that is, we can take it from one place to another without having to install it.

This program is divided into 6 sections , each of which are for a specific type of problem. In addition, they all have at least 10 different types of corrections .

To take the two examples, you can solve the problem that the recycle bin does not update automatically after emptying it or restoring access to Registry Editor.

As you can see it has basic and advanced solutions.


windows repair

Windows Repair and is another tool that is used to solve numerous Windows 10 problems.

It can work with registry permissions, file permissions, Windows Firewall settings, Winsock and DNS cache checks, Windows update issues, and more.

Within the repairs tab you have 6 options where numerous checks that are available in this software are divided, such as malware cleaning, broken file permissions or Windows update check, among many other things.

O&O ShutUp10

OO ShutUp10

What are the core problems of tracking, telemetry and data recovery is something that has been present in Windows 10 since its launch in 2015.

O&O ShutUp10 is a tool that mainly helps with the data collection problem . It has 9 sections that offer various privacy settings, many of which are not even available within the operating system.

On the plus side, each option comes with a short description so we know what you’re disabling and what functionality might affect us. That is why we will be able to verify each option before executing it.

With all these tools you will be able to repair Windows 10 and solve any problem that may arise in the operating system.

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