Uma Musume Pretty Derby: officially opened on June 20

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Kakao Games opened the official game cafe of Uma Musume Pretty Derby (hereinafter referred to as Uma Musume) today (30th) and released information on the official release date of Uma Musume. Uma Musume will be officially launched on the 20th of June through Google Play and Apple App Store.

Uma Musume Pretty Derby

Uma Musume is a subculture simulation game that was first released in 2021 and hit all over Japan. As of April of this year, about a year after its release in Japan, it has surpassed 14 million downloads, and has been collecting topics not only in Japan but also in Korea as well as in Japan, such as ranking first in the world trend of Twitter.

In the work, the star race horses of the Japanese horse race, Gold Ship, Oguri Cap, Silence Suzuka, and Mejiro McQueen appear as pretty girls. Players become trainers who train racehorses, and train Uma Musume to dominate the Twinkle series and become the ‘best Uma Musume’.


The domestic publishing of Uma Musume was handled by Kakao Games, and the first teaser video was released in March, and pre-orders are in progress from April 26.

The CM of Kakao Games, who announced the opening schedule through the newly opened Uma Musume official cafe, said, “We are doing our best to prepare for the meeting with users, so we ask for your support until the official opening.”

On the other hand, to commemorate the launch in Korea, a congratulatory video of the performers who added vividness to the character was also released. In the video, Azumi Waki ​​as ‘Special Week’, Marika Kono as ‘Silence Suzuka’, and Machico as ‘Tio Tokai’ participated in the video.

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