US President Karine Jean-Pierre spokesman, first press conference

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US President Karine Jean-Pierre held the first regular press conference at the White House on the 16th. “I’m a black man, a homosexual woman, and an immigrant woman. It’s the first time I’ve been in this position for all three,” said Jean-Pierre, emphasizing the idea of ​​a diversity-focused government.

According to US media, Jean-Pierre was born to Haitian parents on a French island in the Caribbean and grew up in New York, where he emigrated as a child. “I wouldn’t be here without generations of people breaking the barrier,” Jean-Pierre thanked his predecessors.

At the press conference, questions focused on a mass shooting that appears to have targeted a black man who killed 10 people in Buffalo, eastern New York. At the beginning, Jean-Pierre read out the victim’s name and mourned.


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