Valorant: EP5 Dimension Released, New Map Pearl Appears

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Riot Games’ first-person tactical shooter (FPS) Valorant presents the fifth episode ‘Dimension‘. In this update, new skins, maps, and battle passes will be added, and a unique in-game event called ‘Crossover’ will be held.

The ‘Chaos Prelude’ skin series to be added through the update is “If you are a dark follower who likes sci-fi, what would you put in your skin? It is a skin that started with the question, “How does it feel to defeat a demon?” Preeti Khanolkar, Lead Cosmetics Producer, Riot Games, emphasized, “The sound of the operator using the Prelude to Chaos skin is so heavy that it feels like an adrenaline rush every time.”

The Chaos Prelude skin that corresponds to the XE grade has different effects depending on the level. A two-handed sword equipped with the Chaos Prelude skin is added to ▲Standby ▲Equip ▲Learn more ▲Slash, along with ‘Custom Visual Effect’ and ‘Audio’ from level 2. In the case of firearms, ‘custom muzzle flash effect’ and ‘fire sound’ are applied from level 2, and at level 3, ‘custom visual effect’ and ‘audio’ are added to ‘reload’ in addition to ▲ standby ▲ equip ▲ detailed view. is added ‘Unique Kill Banner’ and ‘Finish’ are applied at 4th level.


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The underwater city ‘Pearl’ is Valorant’s eighth new map, and for the first time in Valorant’s history, another world in the game, ‘Omega Earth’, is the background. Pearl does not have a teleporter or rope ladder, and has a small center and three long lanes on the sides, so active engagement is expected to be an important map. In addition, it is expected to lower the barrier to entry for players who have difficulty with the new map because it is more intuitive and simple compared to the existing Valorant maps such as ▲Icebox ▲Breeze ▲Fracture.

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The Battle Pass is also updated. This Battle Pass includes a lot of skins that can give players a sense of conquest, such as the shiny skin series ‘Seamer Classic’ and the tactical and clean ‘Task Force 809’. In addition, various decorative elements such as ‘Striking Strike Player Card’, ‘Required lower body exercise spray’, and ‘Cat tactical gun decoration’ will be added.

In this update, a ‘Crossover Pass Event’ will also be held to commemorate the release of the new map Pearl and the storytelling of the Valorant Universe. Players can meet the ‘comic book shop’ that appeared in the episode 5 cinematic ‘Shock’ in the in-game new map Pearl, and also use comic book-themed player cards created by groups of celebrities and artists in the industry. The Crossover Pass event is free for three weeks from June 23rd to July 14th.


Episode 5 Dimension – More information about the Act 1 update can be found on the official Valorant website and the official Valorant YouTube channel.

Valorant: EP5 Dimension Released, New Map Pearl Appears
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