‘Veiled Expert’ Nexon’s New PC Shooting Game Review

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Nexon’s new PC shooting game ‘VEILED EXPERTS (hereinafter referred to as VX)’ will start pre-registration through Steam on the 26th. ‘Veiled Expert’ is the official name of ‘VX’, a secret organization that plays a central role in the worldview of the game. It also symbolizes veiled agents who are working on the mission of ‘VX’ around the world.

‘VX’ is a game previously introduced by Nexon as ‘Project D’. Nexon will conduct the global beta test of ‘Veiled Expert’ on Steam from 4pm to 26th on June 9th. Prior to this, test reservations will be made from May 26 to June 7, and applications can be made through the ‘Veiled Expert’ Steam or the global official website. From June 9, only those who pre-order will be given the opportunity to experience the beta test first, and from the 13th, anyone can participate through Steam.

‘VX’ is a third-person shooter game in which 8 unique agents fight in two teams in an ever-changing battle environment. Strategic play elements such as a store that purchases special items and weapons for team tactics with the goods obtained from the game based on the detonation mission to detonate or release bombs at the target point, unique skills for each character and realistic combat actions that create various variables in the game It is characterized by strengthening the


Kim Myung-hyeon, head of VX development at Nexon Games, said, “We will present new values ​​of PC shooting games by catching two rabbits: strategic team play and quick battle that determine the victory or defeat of the bombing mission.”

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In addition, ‘D-Day’, an online showcase of ‘Veiled Expert’, will be held on May 27th. It will be broadcast in real time on the official YouTube and Twitch channels, and a regular May test of ‘Veiled Expert’ will be conducted from the end of the showcase until the 30th. Users who participated in the test can experience the global Steam beta test content to be held in June in advance.

Kim Myung-hyeon, head of Nexon Games, said, “Based on the various opinions sent by users in the process of naming the official title, we have decided to become ‘Veiled Expert’. We will listen to the story and use it as an important nourishment for game development.”

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