Verizon Users Report Dodgy Messages | How to Stop Spam Texts

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Several Verizon customers have reported receiving spam text messages from their own phone numbers. So, what exactly is going on here?

Verizon Users Report Dodgy Messages | How to Stop Spam Texts
Verizon Users Report Dodgy Messages | How to Stop Spam Texts

Many people have reported the problem, with many taking to Twitter to address the messages and tagging the carrier’s support team.

VERIZON users report spam that comes from their own numbers to the company.

There were actresses on Twitter this morning who talked about spam text messages that many Verizon customers saw. If you’re a Verizon customer, you might have seen these messages.


The customer will get a free gift if they click on the link in the message to pay their bill.

But the most surprising thing about this is that the text is written by people who have their own numbers in it.

Chris Welch first wrote about the problem on The Verge. People who are worried about the messages can file a complaint with the FCC. The outlet says that they have talked to Verizon.

How to Stop Spam Text Messages

In one of the best ways to stop spam text messages, you can check for a service that blocks calls and texts with your carrier or a third-party app. Truecaller, Hiya, and TrapCall are some apps made by other people.

Delete the text if you think it’s spam. You can also click on the number and choose “Block number.”

By choosing a free Call Filter option, Verizon says that customers can stop spam calls. The Call Filter option lets you block any spam calls.

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In a tweet, the company said: “We know how annoying spam calls can be.” Every time we work, we try to keep your information safe. Free Call Filter: We do have a way to keep spam calls from coming to your cell phone. The one costs $2.99. Try the free one first.

You can also check out Avast’s website for a long list of text blocking apps for iPhone and Android phones.

After a lot of people wrote about it, Verizon said that this type of spam texting is called “spoofing.”

Verizon Support, the company’s Twitter account, says that spam texts should be sent to SPAM, and that people should do that (7726).

This is bad, and we want it to be fixed as soon as possible. As a first step, we suggest forwarding the text to SPAM (7726) with the subject line “spoofed number” so our security team can figure out what happened.

There was a customer who was afraid that forwarding the message might make their phone number look like spam.

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In this case, forwarding it to our spam doesn’t block your number. It just tells us that it happened and lets us know that we should look into it. It said: “Please report any spam you get.”

Where to find more help

For more help, you can go to the company’s knowledge base. There, you will find useful information about how to tell if a call or message is spam.

The guide article talks about more types of spam, like caller ID spoofing and neighbor spoofing, and gives examples of spam and spoofing messages.

Team members on Twitter have asked people to follow the account and send them messages about problems they have.

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