Vinted not working – What’s going on? [And how to fix it]

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Last updated on October 23rd, 2022 at 07:09 pm

Vinted gives me bugs and I don’t know how to fix them. If you find yourself in this situation where Vinted’s APP or website is not working well, it’s time to analyze the situation to solve this problem and continue selling and buying purchases on Vinted.

Vinted not working - What's going on? [And how to fix it]

Vinted not opening for you? Do you have problems buying or selling? Problems getting your exit or trail orders? It’s time to find out why Vinted isn’t working .


It is interesting that before trying to solve the problem or the error for which Vinted not working you ask other people who use the app or the web to see if they have the same problems and rule as that’s Vinted’s problem.

It is true that all applications have times when they have errors because something has been misconfigured in the system or they are waiting to make internal changes to the structure or code of the application or the web, which makes many buyers or Vinted sellers start seeing bugs and wondering what’s going on with Vinted.

What if Vinted isn’t working  ?

When Vinted is not working we can resort to various techniques to solve these “problems” which may depend on ourselves and our device:

  1. Check your internet connection
    Sometimes you may see a message that there is a problem with your internet, so it is worth connecting and disconnecting your mobile’s internet to see if that message goes away.Many times this message is a common Vinted error and it is likely to appear to everyone, the APP is actually the one having trouble at the time.
  2. Update your browser
    If you are using Vinted from your browser and you find that every time you open the web in your browser, the browser almost automatically closes or does not work properly, you I recommend that you update your browser or always use Google Chrome to ensure you have the most modern and up-to-date browser.
  3. Verify your account
    You may be entering Vinted for the first or second time and in this case if you have not verified your account from your email it will not allow you to function properly on the web or buy or sell. You need to find the verification email that was sent to your inbox and click to verify your email.
  4. Open and close the APP
    If, for example, the Vinted app gets caught and you see that it does not work because it remains empty or no matter how much you click it does not seem to go anywhere, close this application on your mobile and reopen it to see if it works.
  5. Change your password
    In the event that you log into Vinted and find that you cannot access it, you may not remember your password well, so you can change it and simply put another by clicking on “Forgot your password?” and restore it to enter it again.
  6. Force detection and clear cache
    This trick to fix Vinted problems is valid when you use Vinted on your mobile application. This is done when the APP gives errors due to cached storage, i.e. the data that was saved during the previous use of the APP. Go to Settings >> Manage apps >> Vinted >> Force detection >> Clear cache and voila! Try opening the APP again to see if it works and if it doesn’t keep trying the tricks in this list.
  7. Install and uninstall the APP
    In case the APP does not work for you, performed all the previous steps, the most drastic way to solve possible problems is to uninstall the APP to reinstall it.

Situations and solutions when Vinted is not working

In addition to the solutions seen above that you can perform when the APP is not working, there are other issues that Vinted may give you an error and each occurs in a specific situation:

  1. Fix Order Tracking Not Updating
    If you just placed an order and you see that Vinted isn’t updating the order tracking, you don’t have to do anything. And it is that Vinted sometimes takes longer to show in the chat with the customer where the order you just sent is.This is usually caused by the Vinted system crashing or slowing down due to the large number of orders being tracked, you just have to wait!.If it does not update after 24 hours, you should call the shipping company where you left the package to be sent.
  2. You cannot install the APP
    If it does not allow you to install the Vinted APP on your mobile, it is probably because you do not have enough memory space on your mobile, so you can delete some apps you don’t use or also delete images to make room for that app.Your mobile may also be old and that’s why it does not allow you to install the APP. In this case, you can only use it, for example, from the web on your computer.
  3. It does not allow you to update the APP
    Updating the Vinted APP is mandatory if you want to maintain the security of the APP and the security of your purchases and uses of the APP from your mobile phone. But if you want to update and it doesn’t allow you, you can always uninstall the APP and reinstall it.

I can really fix it when Vinted isn’t working

There will always be occasions where the problem with Vinted not working will be solely up to you and others where there is nothing you can do because it is an internal Vinted issue.

In fact the times when Vinted does not work are not many, and if the problem depends on Vinted we may have to suffer them once a month for 2 or 3 hours due to updates and other isolated cases.

If you found this article useful and you managed to correct your mistakes with Vinted , it’s time to start enjoying all the features of this APP and sell or buy second-hand clothes on the best price.

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