Voxie Tactics: Tactical RPG Game to Earn Tokens and NFT for Free!

What are Voxies?
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What is Voxie Tactics and NFT voxies ? In this guide you will know all the details of this NFT and play-to-earn game for the Ethereum network and specifically, the second layer solution: Polygon .

What are Voxies?

What are Voxies?

The Voxies NFT Blueprint consists of 10,000 Voxie genesis characters with 20 classes , 10 races , 20 companion types , countless physical attributes, and multiple weapons , items , and visual aesthetics. No two Voxies in the NFT series are the same.

Owning one of these NFT voxies will bring you various in-game benefits, plus increased earnings, beyond the Free to Play aspects of the Voxie Tactics game . If you hold an NFT from the genesis collection you will have:

  • Increased in-game reward rate (in NFTs and VOXEL tokens ) through improved RNG in Explore mode.
  • Have access to certain weapons and items that are included in the NFT.
  • If your voxie has a companion pet included, you won’t need to find a pet in-game to help you on your journey.
  • You will be able to create new new next generation Voxie NFTs .

What is Voxie Tactics?

Voxie Tactics is a retro -style , tactical role-playing game (RPG) , which is heavily influenced by classic tactical games from the 1990s and early 2000s, such as Final Fantasy Tactics .

The game features 2 main game modes: Exploration and Fighting , as well as many ancillary game mechanics that you would expect from any RPG.

It’s important to learn about the various Races and Classes in the Voxie Tactics game, so be sure to check out the official guides, as well as the whitepaper .

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The Voxie Tactics video game has its own native token: the $VOXEL token .

VOXEL is an ERC-20 utility token that you can use in-game to get items, weapons, and even Voxies. It will also be required to craft new NFTs and other use cases are not ruled out.

The token can be obtained for free just by playing the title in its main game modes.

There will only be a total of 300,000,000 VOXEL tokens .

Non-Fungible Tokens

We have already explained that on the one hand we have the collection of 10k voxies NFT genesis; and on the other, all the objects and weapons with which to equip your characters.

The truth is that in Voxie Tactics we will find a mix of digital assets , both virtual and tokenized (either voxies or individual articles).

Within the marketplace you will find 2 GameFi modules, with which to obtain profitability from your NFTs: the forge and the “Renting” section .

How to forge new NFTs in Voxie Tactics:

In order to craft items you will need to combine elemental materials with items or weapons, and also combine them with objects called Crystals to create a new improved NFT, with new damage types, elemental effects and/or abilities.

How to forge new NFTs in Voxie Tactics:
The “Arcanist” Forge

The “Arcanist” Forge is a module with which you can obtain new NFTs through existing ones, following the recipes available in the forge (For example, use 2 “uncommon” items to get a higher rarity).

How to rent NFT in Voxie Tactics:

A long-awaited feature for Voxie Tactics players is being able to rent your digital assets to other players. In the “Renting” section of the marketplace you can do just that, lend your NFTs, for a defined period of time and for an attractive return on VOXEL tokens .

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In order to rent your NFTs , you can do the following:

  1. Plan the duration of the rental agreement (up to 30 days)
  2. Set a flat rate for VOXEL rental.
  3. Sets a % of rewards in VOXEL* that the owner and player will receive (up to a combined maximum of 100% for all rentals).
  4. Decide who receives the NFT rewards during the rental: the owner or the player.

How to make money in Voxie Tactics

There are several ways to earn money or tokens with Voxie Tactics , whether you own a voxie NFT , or 100% Free-To-Play .

The best way to grind in the game and farm free tokens is to play the 2 available modes: PVP and Exploration , looking for drops from NFTs . Once you collect enough Non-Fungible Tokens , you can use The Forge, to use recipes for higher rarity items or weapons.

If you’re also a player and don’t want to part with your voxie NFT or an ultra-rare item (like the Godly rarity ones ), you can also rent your NFTs for VOXEL tokens and still keep your assets.

The rarer the NFT , the lower its supply and the higher its price on the secondary market .

Finally, the game development team wants to create a competitive web3 title ; That is why we will have seasons (such as Season 0 ) with more than 2 million VOXELS tokens for the top positions on the leaderboard .

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