What foods are effective in preventing white hair? 6 Important points

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Suffering from gray hair. From what age does white hair grow in the first place? Is it possible to prevent white hair by understanding the mechanism of white hair? This time, we will introduce foods that are effective in preventing white hair and 6 important points for keeping black hair.

What foods are effective in preventing white hair?
Can white hair be prevented?

What foods are effective in preventing white hair?

When asked about hair problems, white hair always ranks high. In the first place, how old can white hair be? There are many parts that have not been scientifically proven about white hair, but it is also true that there are people who have a lot of white hair, people who have few white hair, people who can have white hair at a young age, and people who have few white hair even when they are old.

As a result of practicing the correct care method while actually diagnosing hair, there are many people in their 70s who have improved their white hair. Yes, white hair can be prevented and improvement may not be a dream.


Is it true that “eating wakame seaweed makes your hair black and shiny”?

Hair grows from the roots every day, but did you know that newborn hair is white? During the process of hair growth, the cells that produce black pigment called melanocytes in the hair root work firmly to produce black hair. On the other hand, white hair grows white because it cannot produce melanin pigment well and does not turn black.

eating wakame seaweed makes your hair black and shiny
When you eat wakame seaweed, your hair becomes black and glossy !?

In other words, the cells themselves called melanocytes are not gone, but because their activity is declining, they turn white. The nutrients that activate this melanin pigment are seaweeds such as wakame seaweed, kelp, and hijiki seaweed. A nutrient called iodine activates the pigment cells in the hair root. Especially, modern people whose nutritional balance is easily disturbed. It is very important to eat a balanced diet while being aware of seaweed.

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“Antioxidant” is also important if you aim to improve gray hair! Aware of 6 points

There are many people who give up because they think that it is heredity that cannot be restored once they have gray hair, but as mentioned above, there are many people in their 70s who have improved. I also told you that when the cells that produce melanin pigments decline, the hair becomes gray, but the main reason for the decline is oxidation = rust. Oxidation of cells is mainly caused by the following six factors.

(1) Diet
(2) Inflammation, illness
(3) Genetic program
(4) Sun rays
(5) Air pollution
(6) Skin irritation

These six factors are almost unavoidable, but they can be affected by just a little consciousness. It is possible to reduce the number of patients and accelerate recovery. Eating lots of vegetables and fruits that contain a lot of antioxidants, protecting the skin from UV rays, and avoiding rubbing too much when shampooing can make a big difference.

Also, in Chinese medicine, it is thought that white hair appears when the “kidney”, which is said to be related to vitality, weakens. Fatigue and stress weaken the kidneys. If nutrition is biased and energy is insufficient, dark hair will not grow. If you feel that you have more gray hair, it is important to look back on the causes of fatigue and stress and not accumulate too much. The condition of your white hair should change dramatically in your daily life!

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