What is “Husband Death Note”? Characteristics of husband who wants to die from his wife

What is Husband Death Note ?
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“Husband Death Note” is a site where “writing wishing for death to my husband” was sent. There are pros and cons to the radical writing, but it is true that it is a “husband casebook that is not desirable for my wife”. This time, I will explain the type of “husband who wants to die from his wife”.

What is Husband Death Note ?
Is radical writing on “DEATH NOTE” a nightmare for men?

Husband Death Note Extreme: Seven Husband Cases Unwanted for Wife

  • 1: Husband not participating in housework / childcare
  • 2: Cheating husband
  • 3: Husband without gratitude or compassion for his wife
  • 4: Husband with financial problems
  • 5: Husband with too much libido
  • 6: DV husband
  • 7: Filthy husband

The site called “Danna Death Note” was a site where “writing wishing for the death of my husband” was sent, and it was made into a book in October 2017.

There are various opinions about the radical writing content of this site, but it is true that it is a “husband casebook that is not desirable for my wife”. So this time, let’s see what kind of “husband wants to die from his wife” that appears in this.


First of all, to avoid any misunderstandings, we have not conducted any statistical surveys such as the number of writes for the “types of husbands appearing on the site” introduced below. Please note that we have picked up the types that we felt were characteristic when browsing the site.

1: Husband not participating in housework / childcare

Husband not participating in housework
Why don’t you help me in such a case !?

Originally, the site called “Danna Death Note” is mainly for users in their thirties, so there are still many complaints about husband’s housework and childcare. When my wife is in her 40s and 50s, her demands for her husband change, but in her 30s, when her children are small and she has many double-income jobs, dissatisfaction with her husband who does not do housework or childcare explodes here and there. I am.

In addition, a bitter attack is being developed against her husband’s “good husband appeal” such as “I’m pushing” I’m doing it “by just taking out the garbage.” My husband seems to be doing housework and childcare in half, so please keep in mind that the burden on my wife is actually 80%.

2: Cheating husband

Cheating husband
A capital punishment for an affair husband !?

Of course, even for a husband who has an affair, “Danna Death Note” is radically slashed. Cheating discovered … My wife’s pride was crushed by a steel hammer. Her anger level runs up to the summit of Mount Everest. There are various partners, such as ordinary people, water business and customs.

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In most cases, it seems that the husband thinks that he is not out of control, or that his wife is firmly holding evidence even though he is clinging to it. Which face down will you come home? I don’t want to look at the lower body that has played with other women. I don’t want to put irritating pants in the washing machine. Let’s understand the feelings of this boiling wife.

3: Husband without gratitude or compassion for his wife

3: Husband without gratitude or compassion for his wife
The attitude of “I’m tired from work” and “Who is feeding me” …

My wife is also working, but she doesn’t know that “I’m tired from work.” “Who is feeding” to her wife who struggles with housework and child-rearing. These are also frequently pointed out. The dissatisfaction that the wives “do not understand the difficulty of housework and childcare” and “think of the wife only as a housekeeper” is that the husband does not have a word of gratitude to the wife and a caring attitude. It’s proof.

Even if I can’t participate in housework and childcare due to overtime every day, if my wife who is doing her best in the house has a smile, a word of gratitude, and a kind attitude, she will say, “I want you to understand my difficulty. I think. If you think so, your dissatisfaction with your husband who does not participate in housework should decrease. Not only do she not do housework and childcare, but her double mistake of not knowing the hardships infuriates her wives.

4: Husband with financial problems

Husband with financial problems
Is the cut of gold the cut of the edge?

From my husband’s personal stories, such as spending habits and gambling that ruin my wife’s desperate efforts, business debt, debt from becoming a guarantor, and even debt from my husband’s parents’ house Various patterns of “money troubles” such as carrying on your back are written.

The story of money is the important thing that is related to the basis of life, and it is necessary for the couple to discuss and understand each other properly. However, in many cases, the troubles of the husband who spends money at his own discretion, such as “without permission”, “suddenly”, and “I said no”, are infuriating his wife. The background is that I don’t see how much my wife is focusing on saving every day. Take a good look at your wife’s lifestyle. Prioritize your wife’s feelings over money.

5: Husband with too much libido

Husband with too much libido
It is painful to be asked by my hated husband

In the present age when “sexless couples” are said to be more than half of married people, many wives are worried about “no husband’s sexual desire” and “no skinship”, but if it is limited to this site, “sex” “Less” is rather “desirable state”. What is required of a disgusting husband seems to be a trembling event. Therefore, the feature of this site is that the invitation from my husband is “I hate it because it is too much” and “I feel uncomfortable to touch it”.

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Recently, husbands who think that their husband and wife are not good friends. What if my wife is heading to the DEATH NOTE shortly after obligatory sex and complains about the sex she just had? It’s scary. “You’re not the only one, this rotten …”. I’ll stop here here.

6: DV husband

DV husband
DV is not only violence by force but also violence by words

It seems that the number is not so large, but the case of a husband who “touches” his family is also written. In addition to force-based violence, verbal violence and moral harassment can also be seen.

7: Filthy husband

Filthy husband
As a major premise, discomfort to my husband …

In addition to pointing out that there is a problem with hygiene in the first place, such as not washing your hands, brushing your teeth before going to bed, and not doing extreme washing, the words of aging odor often appear. However, rather than the actual “damage”, there may be some discomfort to the partner as a major premise, and it may be used as a symbol of slander to the other party. When I first started dating, I stuck my cheeks to her back, saying, “I like your scent.”

“I’m your husband” In the hearts of my wives, wishing for my husband’s death

There are many other examples of “husbands who want to die”, but the main cause of various negative emotions is not the third “gratitude to my wife and lack of care”. Is it? When I live with him for many years, my wife tends to wash me, wash my mug, hold me, and so on.

In the hearts of my wives, wishing for my husband's death
The main cause of negative emotions is “lack of gratitude and care for my wife”

Of course, there are things such as debt and domestic violence that are unlikely to be caused by the relationship with the wife, but if the wife’s feelings of gratitude and kindness are conveyed more, it will not be said that “I want you to die”. I may have done it.

Is the writing “I wish my husband’s death” really a true feeling? Of course, some wives are vomiting the truth as it is. There may be an exaggeration by “nori” that is unique to anonymity, but I definitely have hatred.

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At least there, “I want you to understand more,” “I want you to acknowledge more,” “I want you to help me more,” “I want you to improve more,” “I want you to earn more and entertain your family,” and “Be more careful about your appearance.” It seems that the painful SOS of the wives, “I want you to be a cool husband,” “I want you to think more about sex,” and “I want a wife friend who can share your anger with your husband,” is hidden.

By all means, the husbands in the world may be me, the “husbands wishing for death” on this site. Please think about it by applying it to yourself. Don’t pass it on to other people without noticing it. If my wife keeps writing the DEATH NOTE every night for a year … it’s over as a couple. Being aware of his wife’s cry as soon as possible promises a loving old age in longevity. It is an era of living for 100 years. It’s not good mentally, as my wife is heading to Death Note at night for another 50 or 60 years. She becomes a prajna-faced grandmother.

When the unmarried younger generation reads “DEATH NOTE”, does it end with just laughing? If negative thoughts about marriage are input, such as “Seriously? It’s dangerous? If you get married, you’ll get muddy like this.” It makes me lonely if I can divide it into unfulfilled love and sex.

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It’s lonely to see a boy who makes a rational statement, “I have sex, but I’m not getting married. It’s going to be written in the Death Note anyway.” The declining birthrate is accelerating. The number of girls who do not have a boyfriend is increasing rapidly.

I would like the world’s husbands to read “DEATH NOTE” as a reference book in order to confirm the unawareness of Onore and to encourage our descendants to have dreams of love and marriage. It is. Don’t be killed. Please take good care of your wife with the momentum to write a love exchange note with your wife after being reborn.

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