What is stress management? Workplace mental health measures

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What are some ways to manage stress in the workplace? I will summarize the whole picture and method.

What is stress management?
What is stress management?

Self-care: “Self-care” that individuals work on

“Self-care” is a stress measure that each of us can do.

If you work, stress is inevitable. It is important to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to deal with such stress and to be able to actually utilize it. Acquire the resilience and SOC


knowledge necessary to successfully overcome adversity, be aware of coping resources to prevent the mind from being overwhelmed, and learn coping methods such as mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy . It is “self-care” to attach to.

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Line care: Knowledge and skills that “I want to acquire if I have subordinates”

No matter how much self-care knowledge and skills an individual has acquired, there are times when the work is concentrated or the work is entrusted to more than one’s own ability, and it is not possible to respond well by one’s own ability.

At such times, “line care” becomes important.

“Line care” is a measure for managers that enables them to manage so that “subordinates have accumulated excessive fatigue and stress and have lost their health”.

Specifically, you will notice the subordinates whose hearts are weakening. Then, it is possible to grasp and evaluate the situation of the subordinates and whether their department is functioning properly, respond to consultations from subordinates, and review as necessary. increase.

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In addition , “line care” includes guidance to energize subordinates and communication to increase motivation.

Improving the work environment: “Creating a healthy workplace” by everyone, including managers, occupational health staff, and personnel and labor managers

However, there are limits to the measures taken by managers.

For example, even if the communication ability of your direct supervisor is high, the direction of the management team above it is inconsistent, the role assigned to you is unclear, and you do not know when you will be dismissed. If you work for a company like this, you will get anxious and lose your energy.

In order to continue working energetically, it is also important to “improve the work environment” to create a mechanism and culture that supports it.

“Workplace environment improvement” is a method of reducing stress on workers and preventing mental health problems by improving the work environment such as working hours, work methods, relationships, and physical layout of the workplace. This includes activities such as creating a healthy workplace that enhances

SOC , creating a mechanism to prevent harassment, conducting group analysis of stress checks, connecting the results to dialogue in the workplace, and improving diversity management, work style reform, etc. increase.

It is also important to create a system that makes it easier for those who have taken leave to continue working energetically after returning to work.

Workplace stress management also includes communication and creating a healthy workplace

Many people have the image of doing “workplace stress management” alone, but in order for us to continue working in a lively and healthy manner, we need support from our bosses and colleagues and a healthy workplace that respects each other. Working in the environment is essential.

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As a stress management guide, we will continue to provide useful information from the three aspects of “self-care,” “line care,” and “improvement of the work environment.”

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