What to do when interviews overlap due to job hunting? Interview with 5 ladders

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Last updated on May 3rd, 2022 at 06:28 pm

In job hunting, it is natural that the selections will overlap and the schedule will be tight. It’s possible that five companies will have an interview … We will introduce what to do when you are in a situation where you need to make a hard schedule adjustment due to job hunting, based on actual examples.

What to do when interviews overlap due to job hunting?
Hard schedule that you have to go through interviews of 5 companies

How do you adjust if the interviews overlap?

The more black the notebook is, the more schedules there are … Here are some examples of what seniors in the past have done when such hard schedule adjustments are needed.


Direct negotiation! I was able to participate in a full schedule on the Web

Mr. Y was contacted to pass the primary selection of a major real estate company. After confirming the interview schedule from My Page a few hours later, one frame is already left and the other schedules are full. However, the only vacant frame is that the time zone overlaps with the selection of other companies, so I wonder if I should give up at the first interview … in a pinch!

However, when I called the personnel directly and consulted without giving up there, I was able to participate in the schedule that was full on the Web.

I used trains and taxis to interview 5 companies.

At the peak of the selection process, there are many people who go through the selection process of three companies in the morning, noon, and night, but there are also Tsuwamono who schedule interviews for five companies in one day. On the busiest day, Mr. A had plans for five companies from selection to interviews. It’s such a hard schedule that other people wouldn’t be able to make such a schedule.

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However, Mr. A said, “I will participate in everything,” and in order to complete this day without being late, I had an action schedule that was comparable to that of a travel agency. I made the visit as planned with the preparation that I had done everything from the preliminary inspection of the train exit to the arrangement of taxi so that I could transfer smoothly. After that, I was appointed as the first-choice railway company.

Participated from the local area and had an interview as it was after the briefing session

The interviews did not overlap, but Mr. T participated in a briefing session for a web production company in Tokyo from Nagoya. Since the timing of coming out from afar was limited, I negotiated with personnel after the briefing session and was able to proceed to the next selection step, the interview. As a result, he joined the company and Mr. T is very active.

Some people have “refilled” themselves!

The number of interviews is so small that I don’t have the opportunity to deepen the understanding of the company. There is also.

As a result, the person participated in the employee questionnaire three times and was able to talk to more than 20 employees. I decided to be the company that was my first choice because I was able to deepen my understanding of the company and give convincing power to my motives.

If you still can’t move, prioritize

I mentioned the cases of seniors in the past, but of course the response differs depending on the situation of the company, so it will naturally come out when the selection schedules overlap. At that time, it is still necessary to select according to the priority and the selection step.

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Generally, as the interview steps progress, the number of people will be narrowed down and the schedule of high-ranking people will be adjusted, so the schedule will be inflexible. On the other hand, briefing sessions and group interviews are for multiple people, so you may be able to participate even if the schedule is full, as in the case of Mr. Y earlier. Consider the balance between your aspirations and the progress of the selection process.

Have an attitude of requesting from yourself, not passively

Rather than trying to push through any company for your own convenience, it is a prerequisite to take care not to take the trouble of operating the company. However, if you refrain from doing what the company says and give up, you may miss an opportunity.

Have an attitude of requesting from yourself
Ideal communication as a member of society!

If you are a company with a high degree of aspiration, it is a good idea to consider options that the other party may consider and ask you to adjust the selection schedule. If that doesn’t work, you can just say “Thank you for your consideration” and be convinced.

This adjustment can be good or bad for you. If you are a type of person who usually matches the other person, you will be forced to respond to the schedule that the company says even in the selection.

Also, people who have a small capacity or who are not willing to look for a job in the first place will unknowingly and emotionally resist as their schedule increases. As a result, the only reason I can’t make a schedule, saying “I can’t do it because I have XX,” comes to my mind, and sometimes I act so that I don’t get any more busy.

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But what kind of communication do you want to be if you become a member of society and get the job done? If you become a member of society, you will need more ability to complete the work you should do in a day, a week, or a month.

If you try to adjust the selection schedule as a good rehearsal exercise before becoming a member of society, the reaction and behavior when the schedule gets stuck should change. The result will lead to the behavior of seniors as introduced earlier.

Whether or not the selection timing is right is also your relationship with the company. That said, it’s a waste to give up passively in a given situation. Even if you are busy, let’s cherish the relationship and communicate with each other.

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