WhatsApp: unmissable news that you need to know about the latest update in 2023

WhatsApp: unmissable news that you need to know
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To close this 2022, the messaging company launched new tools for users. The details in the note.

WhatsApp: unmissable news that you need to know

WhatsApp never ceases to amaze its millions of users and has recently introduced a series of new features that aim to create a much more pleasant and complete experience. Also, in this latest update, some changes have been made  to the system and curious features were introduced to the application . Beyond the aforementioned, from Meta it was also announced what are the news that will arrive on the platform throughout the new year 2023. 

It cannot be denied that despite the emergence of new communication applications, the instant messaging company continues to be the public’s favorite worldwide. Due to the trust and easy use they have, the company is obliged to create new mechanisms that facilitate not only dialogue between people, but also the comfort of people. As a result of the speed with which changes occur, many times the variety of shortcuts or maneuvers  that exist is unknown , for this reason it is extremely important that they be disseminated. 


WhatsApp latest update


WhatsApp has launched this tool that has been requested by users for a long time and that allows the profile to be linked on two cell phones, that is, the same account can be used on two phones . Its use is very easy, since it is simply applied from the “Settings” and “Linked Devices” option, from this point another terminal can be assigned to use the account. 


This is another of the functions most expected by millions of netizens, due to the fact that it is increasingly common to use the account as a storage point for important information. To facilitate this action, “Message Yourself” was created , which is a personal chat where there will be no other contacts and is used from “create a new chat” .

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Chats with many people are usually quite annoying, for this reason this shortcut was invented from the application to silence those groups in which there are more than 256 participants . In this particular case, the person should not do anything because it is done by default.


It is one of the novelties that users like the most. On a daily basis, each person uses more than a dozen emojis or stickers, however, there are opportunities in which it is not possible to reflect the feeling or action that one wishes to show, for this reason it was established that each individual can make a digital version of himself from billions of combinations of various hairstyles, facial features, and clothing . In order to implement this tool, you must go to Settings/Configuration/Account/Privacy and select the Avatar option.

What’s coming in 2023 

WhatsApp 2023

The app that depends on Meta, implements increasingly sophisticated tricks and tools, for this reason constant updates are made. To end this 2022 with everything, new shortcuts and functions were launched that can now be used by all users regardless of the model of their cell phone or operating system. 

Although it was reported that the updates would continue throughout the year that began in a few weeks, some of the new features that drew the most attention were: Search by date, which will allow the user to quickly and easily find a received message or sent. New emojis and other gems that aim to amuse people will also continue to be incorporated . 

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