WhatsApp launches 5 new features: you won’t be able to live without them

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Quick overview of the various additional features that are coming to the Meta application.

WhatsApp launches 5 new features

Delete a message in a group (administrators)

WhatsApp group administrators will soon be able to delete a message so that it is erased on the mobile of all members of the conversation. For now, however, this solution is only available in beta and on Android. You will therefore have to wait longer to be entitled to it on iPhone, without it being known exactly when the update in question will be deployed. Moreover, even on Google’s operating system , it seems that the first testers do not yet all have access to this novelty, which is gradually arriving on their devices.

Delete a message in a group (administrators)
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Deletion time extended

While it was until now only possible to delete a message sent on WhatsApp after one day, eight hours and sixteen seconds (don’t ask us why, it’s a mystery), this deadline has been extended. Now you can delete a message up to sixty hours after sending, or two and a half days. We can only hope that malicious Internet users do not take advantage of it too much .


Better hide your Seen at status

On WhatsApp, in the Settings > Account > Privacy menu is the Who can see my personal info section . This is where you have the option to play on your Last Seen status , which tells your chat partner at the top of every conversation when you were last online. Until now, it was only possible to choose to show this status to everyone, only to your contacts or to no one.

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With the new WhatsApp update, another option has been added here: My contacts except… As you guessed, this is to show me your As seen forever status only to your contacts but with the added bonus the possibility of excluding some of them. To do this, touch the option in question. Your list of contacts will then appear and all you have to do is tick those to whom you do not want to indicate that you are online.

Quietly leave a group

Going back to groups, WhatsApp also offers a new advantage there too on the privacy side, as expected . This will allow you to leave a group without all other members of the conversation being notified, which was not possible before. Instead, a bubble clearly told them you were leaving. Not practical when you do not want to arouse curiosity, especially when you know that WhatsApp supports up to 256 users in groups.

Note, however, that the administrators of the group will continue to be informed when you leave it.


Finally, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Single View Messages will soon block screenshots . Don’t worry if these other features aren’t available to you yet; it’s only a matter of hours, the deployment being progressive as often.

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