Who is your boyfriend from Colleen Hoover book TikTok quiz – how to do it

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Last updated on December 17th, 2022 at 02:02 pm

TikTok users participate in the “Who’s your Colleen Hoover book boyfriend” viral quiz to find out their Colleen Hoover book boyfriend. If you have ever been a fan of Colleen Hoover, you must take this viral quiz.

In addition to participating in viral challenges and trends, Internet users are also happy to take part in various quizzes. These quizzes allow users to learn about their personality in the most interesting way. From telling stories about what someone’s future will look like to who their famous parents will be, personality quizzes are a fun way to spend your free time.


Say the name of the movie/celebrity and you will find a quiz. From movie quizzes like Harry Potter quizzes to lewd quizzes and Disney quizzes, we’ve stumbled upon several social media quizzes.

The latest addition to these quizzes is the TikTok quiz “Who is your Colleen Hoover book boyfriend” which allows users to find out their Colleen Hoover book boyfriend. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

What is the quiz “Who’s your boyfriend from Colleen Hoover’s book” about?

As the name suggests, Who’s Your Colleen Hoover Boyfriend Quiz lets you know who your Colleen Hoover Boyfriend is.

Collen hoover book boyfriend

For readers who are unfamiliar with who Colleen Hoover is, she is a young science fiction writer. This 42-year-old writer is famous among young people. Some of her bestsellers include End With Us, Ugly Love, The Truth, November 9th, Reminds Me Of Him, and many more. All of these books are teenage romance novels.

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People who have read Colleen Hoover’s books are taking this quiz to see which of the guys in Colleen’s books would be their boyfriend. The quiz keeps TikTok users entertained and thousands of them have already taken part.

How to take part in the “Who is your boyfriend from Colleen Hoover book” quiz on TikTok?

Wuestion 1 of 9

This TikTok quiz was first created by @lillyfaiith and you can find this quiz on the uQuiz website. On this uQuiz website, you will find hundreds of quizzes to keep yourself entertained.

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When you search for “Who is your boyfriend from Colleen Hoover’s book” you will get it right away. And once you connect to it, it will ask you 8 questions related to your personality. Some of the questions he will ask include: “How do you like the coffee?” and “what is your dream date?”

Based on the answers you provide, the quiz will come up with the name of the book boyfriend Colleen Hoover who will be your real life boyfriend.

TikTok users are obsessed with this quiz right now and they have also hosted it on several other social media platforms. The TikTok army girl is especially crazy about this quiz.

After completing the quiz, users share their answers on TikTok and several other social networks. From Twitter to Facebook to Snapchat, you can find this viral quiz everywhere.

This quiz also made Colleen Hoover popular on social media. People who had not read any of her books became curious to purchase it.

If you want to take part in this quiz, all you have to do is search the “uQuiz” website on Google and start enjoying the quiz. You can also access several other quizzes on this site.

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Last words

It’s all about the viral quiz “Who’s your boyfriend from Colleen Hoover’s book” from TikTok. I hope we were able to convey everything you needed to know.

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