Windows 12, Microsoft has released a first screenshot?

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Last updated on October 19th, 2022 at 07:10 pm

For a few weeks, rumors have appeared around the future of Windows 11. Like its elder Windows 10, it would only be a step towards a new operating system…Windows 12.

Windows 12, Microsoft has released a first screenshot?

Some reports even go further, claiming that Windows 12 is no longer a project. Microsoft would already begin its development. If on the side of the giant all this has never been commented on and even less confirmed, a recent publication raises questions.


During its Ignite event, the giant published a rather special screenshot. If it presents a known desktop interface but with major changes. They are so important that to some it would just be a screenshot of the Windows 12 desktop.

Windows 12, Microsoft has released a first screenshot?
Windows 12 – Desktop screenshot?

As we pointed out in this news, we have an interface with a floating taskbar.

Windows 11, Microsoft evokes a floating taskbar

The latter would not be considered as we assumed for Windows 11 but for another operating system. According to our colleague WindowsCentral, we would be in front of a user interface design prototype for the next version of Windows. In other words, this screenshot features ideas that Microsoft would consider.

Along with a floating position of the taskbar, we can observe that some system tray information and icons have migrated to the top of the screen. The approach is clearly “macOS” type.

The arrival of Windows 12 could take place in 2024 as Microsoft relies on a new three-year development cycle. Again caution because nothing is confirmed. The Windows 12 codename would be Next Valley. One of the goals is to continue developing the modern Windows experience, with an emphasis on touch

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