Women’s Hockey World Cup 2022: calendar, matches, results, classification, positions, where and how to watch

Women's Hockey World Cup 2022
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With July, not only extreme heat arrived in the Northern Hemisphere and cold in the Southern Hemisphere, but also the 2022 Women’s Hockey World Cup . We are presenting the details of this competition whose defending champion is the Netherlands , which celebrated in London 2018. Four years earlier it had also celebrated in The Hague.  

Women's Hockey World Cup 2022

Here’s everything you need to know about the 2022 Women’s Hockey World Cup .

Where and when is the 2022 Women’s Hockey World Cup played?

The 2022 Women’s Hockey World Cup will be historic: for the first time since the competition debuted in 1974, it will be played in two countries. The Spanish city of  Terrassa and the Dutch city of  Amstelveen will host the event. Spain has already hosted the World Cups in Madrid in 1978 and 2006, both won by the Netherlands; Amstelveen will host for the second time after 1986 (the host celebrated). The tournament will be played from July 1 to 17.


Format of the Women’s Hockey World Cup 2022

The tournament will be played in four groups, in a round robin format with a single match . The first three in each zone will advance to the next phase: the leaders will go directly to the quarterfinals, while the second and third will face each other in the round of 16, also called crossover .

Where to watch the 2022 Women’s Hockey World Cup?

  • In Argentina: ESPN and Star+
  • In Spain: Eurosport

Groups, match schedule, results, classification and positions of the 2022 Women’s Hockey World Cup

Group A: Chile, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands

Calendar and results

DayTime (AR | ES)EquipmentEquipmentResult
Saturday July 211:30 | 16:30GermanyChili4-1
Saturday July 214:30 | 19:30NetherlandsIreland5-1
Sunday July 314:30 | 19:30GermanyNetherlands1-3
Tuesday, July 59:00 | 14:00IrelandChili0-1
Wednesday, July 611:30 | 16:30IrelandGermany
Wednesday, July 614:30 | 19:30NetherlandsChili

Classification and positions


* The best advances to the quarterfinals, second and third go to the round of 16

Group B: China, England, India and New Zealand

Calendar and results

DayTime (AR | ES)EquipmentEquipmentResult
Saturday July 29:00 | 14:00New ZealandChina2-2
Sunday July 311:30 | 16:30EnglandIndia1-1
Tuesday, July 511:30 | 16:30IndiaChina1-1
Tuesday, July 514:30 | 19:30New ZealandEngland
Thursday July 711:30 | 16:30EnglandChina
Thursday July 714:30 | 19:30IndiaNew Zealand

Classification and positions

3New Zealand1010twotwo01

* The best advances to the quarterfinals, second and third go to the round of 16

Group C: Argentina, Canada, South Korea and Spain

Calendar and results

DayTime (AR | ES)EquipmentEquipmentResult
Friday July 116:30 | 21:30SpainCanada4-1
Saturday July 213:00 | 18:00ArgentinaSouth Korea4-0
Sunday July 313:00 | 18:00South KoreaCanada3-2
Sunday July 316:30 | 21:30SpainArgentina1-4
Thursday July 713:00 | 18:00ArgentinaCanada
Thursday July 716:30 | 21:30South KoreaSpain

Classification and positions

3South Koreatwo10147-33

* The best advances to the quarterfinals, second and third go to the round of 16

Group D: Australia, Belgium, Japan and South Africa

Classification and positions

DayTime (AR | ES)EquipmentEquipmentResult
Saturday July 216:30 | 21:30AustraliaJapan2-0
Sunday July 310:00 | 15:00BelgiumSouth Africa4-1
Tuesday, July 513:00 | 18:00JapanSouth Africa
Tuesday, July 516:30 | 21:30BelgiumAustralia
Wednesday, July 613:00 | 18:00JapanBelgium
Wednesday, July 616:30 | 21:30AustraliaSouth Africa


4South Africa100114-30

* The best advances to the quarterfinals, second and third go to the round of 16

Final phase of the 2022 Women’s Hockey World Cup: days, schedules, matches and results

round of 16

SeriesGameDayTime (AR | ES)StadiumBeef.
252nd Group A vs. 3rd Group DSaturday July 912:00 | five pmWagener Hockey Stadium (Amstelveen) 
262nd Group D vs. 3rd Group ASaturday July 914:30 | 19:30Wagener Hockey Stadium (Amstelveen) 
292nd Group C vs. 3rd Group BSunday July 1013:00 | 18:00Terrassa Olympic Stadium 
302nd Group B vs. 3rd Group CSunday July 1016:30 | 21:30Terrassa Olympic Stadium 

Quarter finals

SeriesGameDayTime (AR | ES)StadiumBeef.
351st Group B vs. winner 25 Tuesday July 1212:00 | five pmWagener Hockey Stadium (Amstelveen) 
361st Group A vs. Winner 26Tuesday July 1214:30 | 19:30Wagener Hockey Stadium (Amstelveen) 
391st Group D vs. Winner 29Wednesday, July 1314:00 | 19:00Terrassa Olympic Stadium 
401st Group C vs. winner 30Wednesday, July 1316:30 | 21:30Terrassa Olympic Stadium 


SeriesGameDayTime (AR | ES)StadiumBeef.
41Winner 36 vs. winner 40Saturday July 1613:30 | 18:30Terrassa Olympic Stadium 
42Winner 35 vs. winner 39Saturday July 1616:30 | 21:30Terrassa Olympic Stadium 

Third place

SeriesGameDayTime (AR | ES)StadiumBeef.
43Loser 41 vs. loser 42Sunday July 1713:30 | 18:30Terrassa Olympic Stadium 


SeriesGameDayTime (AR | ES)StadiumBeef.
44Winner 41 vs. winner 42Sunday July 1716:30 | 21:30Terrassa Olympic Stadium 
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