Wordle fixed the biggest flaw.

Wordle fixed the biggest flaw.
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Last updated on December 17th, 2022 at 02:02 pm

Any dedicated Wordle player will tell you the importance of streak. Streak shows how good (or bad) Wordle player you are, but there is one serious problem. Your streak is device dependent and doesn’t follow you. Fortunately, that is changing.

The New York Times, owner of Wordle, can now sync game stats across multiple devices. All you need is a New York Times account. If you don’t already have an account, you can create one for free.


The whole process takes at most a few minutes and can be completed before or after you view today’s Wordle answer. Here’s how to sync your Wordle streak between devices.

How to save Wordle streak across devices

1. Go to the New York Times Words website on your device of choice

How to save Wordle streak across devices

2. Today’s Gameplay or Bar Graph button in the upper right corner

Today's Gameplay or Bar Graph button in the upper right corner
These Wordle stats are from the desktop version of Chrome. (Image credit: Wordle)

3. Under Stats you will see options to link your stats. Big Click Sign In or Create Free Account button

4. Follow the steps on the screen. Your options are to sign up for an existing Google , Facebook or Apple account , or create a new profile from scratch. The last option requires an email and password, but no other personal data.

1657734506 28 Wordle이 가장 큰 결함을 수정했습니다
The same Wordle stats are now available on my phone. (Image credit: Wordle)

5. Now sync your Wordle stats to your NYT profile. And when you log in from another device (or browser), you’ll see both your streak and stats carry over.

This feature started rolling out today (July 13) and may not be available to everyone. For example, I was able to sync Wordle to my NYT account in Chrome (Windows and Android), but Safari (iOS) and Microsoft Edge don’t have that option. Or Chrome on iPhone.

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So, if you do not see the option on the selected Wordle device, be patient. And since the sync process is permanent and you don’t want to accidentally erase the streak from the process, it’s better to be patient.

It’s unclear how long the rollout will take, but we hope this wait will be short-lived. The original announcement was made yesterday afternoon, and the fact that some people can already sync their stats means it shouldn’t be long before everyone can sync.

If you’re struggling to keep up with your Wordle streak, here are some resources. Our guide to the best Wordle starting words can help you keep a record of those, and Wordle Tips and Tricks .

But if all else fails, I post. Latest Wordle answers every day , with hints that can help you figure it out for yourself. Because if you don’t give an answer, it’s not really cheating.

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