‘Wuthering Waves’ New open world RPG Game

Wuthering Waves
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Kuro Game, the developer of ‘Punishing: Gray Raven’, also started developing an open world RPG.

Wuthering Waves Teaser

On the 26th, Kuro Game opened the official website and Facebook for the new ‘Wuthering Waves’, and released the teaser video simultaneously on Billy Billy and YouTube. Although the connection with the previous work ‘Punishing: Gray Raven‘ was not revealed, according to information mentioned through the teaser and official SNS, it was revealed that it adopted a post-apocalyptic worldview similar to ‘Furnishing: Gray Raven’.

Wuthering Waves

‘Wuthering Waves’ is an open world RPG based on a post-apocalyptic worldview that depicts a story 100 years after an unknown disaster struck and most civilizations were destroyed. Humanity is on the verge of extinction due to the threat of unknown beings that have come along with an unknown disaster, but soon adapts to this and finds ways to cope with the disaster and starts rebuilding towns and cities again.


However, there are still dangers everywhere, so it is difficult to completely restore civilization. The user becomes a wanderer who wakes up from a long hibernation, investigates what happened in various parts of the world while he is asleep, and begins an adventure to discover the secrets of himself and the world while fighting unknown beings haunting in disasters.

This journey is characterized by a rather dark and dull tone from ‘Punishing: Gray Raven’, which is different from the bright tone cartoon rendering of subculture games from China. In the teaser and released concept art shots, you can get a glimpse of the post-apocalyptic feel by making use of gray tones, shadows, and fog effects.

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In addition, the CG trailer that was additionally released on the 27th revealed a fragmentary image of the ‘enemy’ that the user would face. The enemy that appeared with the storm has some similarities to humans, but is characterized by a deformed arm on one side. Also, except for the deformed arm, the entire body is black and white, reminiscent of the Infectious Body from the previous work Punishing: Gray Raven.

In the gameplay trailer released together, you can see not only glide freely on the wall and descend from the top of the building, but also the motion of holding the air in the air with a wire and jumping twice. In addition, some fragments of the action in which a special skill is activated in the air after jumping, a combo is continued, or the enemy is driven by linking various skills were also revealed.

Whether or not the skill ball chain system of ‘Punishing: Gray Raven’ or QTE is adopted after evasion has not been revealed, but it is presumed that there are elements of destruction of parts, such as the destruction of the facial jewels of large monsters.

‘Wuthering Waves’ is scheduled to be released in China and globally, and detailed information about the game can be found on the official Facebook page. Whether it will be released in Korea is yet to be determined.

Wuthering Waves Trailer
Wuthering Waves Gameplay
Wuthering Waves
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