Xbox Store Leaks Say Skull and Bones Launch Is Closer Than You Think

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Skull and Bones is a hard-to-find pirate title. Ubisoft It’s been in work for a while, but it’s not the most reliable ride. Speaking of which, if the leak is valid on the Xbox Store, we suggest: The game will be available from November. .

Xbox Store Leaks Say Skull and Bones Launch Is Closer Than You Think

The game, which follows you and up to 5 other people as they sail across the Indian Ocean, was first released in 2017. Since then, there has been a TV series that hasn’t come out yet, and has been postponed several times.\

More recently, however, Ubisoft has confirmed which games the company will release before the end of its fiscal year, which ends on March 31, 2023. Three titles are named, including the upcoming Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope, Skull and Bones.


A few days ago, Tom Henderson revealed that a hard-guided attempt Skull and Bones would be re-released in early July, with gameplay, developer comments, and more. So, with a possible release date when Aggiornamenti Lumia tweeted last night that an announcement surrounding the game was imminent, those who have been following the game since 2017 have reason to be excited.

According to Lumia’s tweet, the Xbox store listing appears ready, detailing the pre-order bonus and sharing a release date of November 8, 2022. This is definitely in line with Usisofts plans for the current fiscal year, and Lumia has a relatively good track record. It’s leaking, but time will tell if these rumors are true.

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Are you looking forward to Ubisoft’s pirate adventures, or are you thinking of missing out on the Indian Ocean? Let me know!

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