YouTube Vanced app Google Play Protect marks discontinued

YouTube Vanced app
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The YouTube Vanced app, which added features and blocked ads, was discontinued earlier this month, but its developers said it would continue to work until YouTube’s API changed for good. Vanced Manager is now being marked as “harmful” by Google Play Protect, prompting it to be uninstalled by those who still have it installed.

YouTube Vanced app
YouTube Vanced app

Android users who have the Vanced Manager app installed have been receiving notifications from Google Play Protect for the past several hours, claiming that the app is “harmful” and “puts your device at risk.”

Vanced Manager isn’t the same as YouTube Vanced; rather, it’s an app that serves as a “app store” for keeping Vanced up to date as well as installing it. It’s similar to how the Epic Games Store app distributes Fortnite on Android.


At this point, Google Play Protect is installed on the vast majority of Android devices as a safeguard for both Play Store and sideloaded apps. Protect can keep an eye out for malicious apps and behavior, and notify you before or after they’ve been installed. It’s unclear why Google has designated Vanced Manager as a “harmful” app, but the decision appears to have been made on a broad scale, according to reports on Reddit and Twitter in the last few hours.

Raddit YouTube Vanced App
YouTube Vanced App | Photo credit : Raddit

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