ZT-ZA Download: What is the New Download Zone site and how to use it?

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Last updated on December 17th, 2022 at 02:04 pm

Want to easily download your favorite movies, series, games, books and music? Discover Download Zone the best free direct download site.

ZT-ZA Download: What is the New Download Zone site and how to use it?

Download Zone – Best Free Download Site: Of the various download methods, Direct Download Sites (DDL) are probably the easiest way to download digital files of all kinds.


A simple click on the hyperlink and you are sent to the place where you can start the download immediately (sometimes it takes a few seconds). And it’s much safer than other approaches like torrents. In addition, these DDL sites are a download directory that has as much content as torrent sites, thus offering the best alternative to easily and quickly download your files.

That said, Zone Telechargement (became zt-za) is by far one of the best , oldest and most popular free DDL download sites , indeed this download directory site allows you to browse and download thousands of movies, series, anime, music, games and even books.

In this article, I invite you to discover the complete guide of Zone download , to know the new update address that works and how to use the New zt-za download site to download your files for free.

What is Download Zone?

Previously called Directory Zone, Download Zone is a free Direct Download site. It is very exceptional in that it has almost no advertisements or redirect links. The site is administered by a group of people who aim to meet the expectations of a general public by offering them quality files for direct download.

Download-Zone, Download-Directory, Directory-Zone… you end up getting lost among all these clones with interchangeable names! Some are not worth much, or even are just nests of advertising and various scams. The one linked to below is a good alternative source. Try it if you’re looking for a particular movie that you can’t find on other sites.

Download Zone

Since its creation in 2012, the Zone telechargement site has listed direct download links for various types of files. During its activity, it was first in its category and the 11th most visited site in France on November 28, 2016, the date on which it was closed by the French national gendarmerie after a seizure of the servers. Since it is inaccessible.

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ince then, the site has frequently changed its name and address, moreover at the time of writing the article the site now bears the name Zt-Za telechargement, and this explains the reason why several users have reported that zone download does not work. Thus, to access and use Zone download, it is necessary to follow the changes of addresses almost every month.

What is the new Download Zone name?

Since January 2021, Zone telechargement has changed its name to ZT-ZA telechargement , which stands for Zone telechargement, zone directory, and as indicated in the previous section, this happens for legal reasons. In January 2021, the site changes its extension from .com to .net.

As a result, Zone telechargement is currently accessible at the following address : www.zone-telechargement.work and www.zone-annonce.top .

The article is updated weekly to refresh the valid address.

Teach Tactic

Note that the site bears the name Zone Annuaire before 2021 and re-registration is useless, use your usual username and passwords on the new ZT-ZA download site.

Moreover, the other addresses that you can find them in the search results are clones that have emerged with the aim of taking over, but some copies could contain scams in order to attract Internet users .

To help you tell the difference here is a list to identify the true from the false:

  • Zone-telechargement.work : True – New URL
  • ZT-ZA.net : True – redirect
  • ZT-ZA.com: True – redirect
  • zone-telechargement.cam True – works
  • Zone-telechargement.blue: True – works
  • Zone-telechargement.video: True – redirect
  • Zone-telechargement.pro: Works
  • Zone-telechargement.cloud: False – does not work
  • Zone-telechargement.al: False – does not work

We are aware that changing domain names “every four mornings” is starting to weigh heavily BUT Google and the copiers are not the only ones to put a spoke in our wheels and therefore for the survival of your/our site , it is still with a strong aversion that we will have, once again, to change the domain name.

Administrators Zone Download aka ZT-ZA download

Operation of ZT-ZA the new download area site

In terms of features and uses, we hardly notice the change, indeed the new ZT-ZA site has almost the same categories and sections, namely:

  • Movies
    • Excluded (Popular Movies)
    • DVDRiP / BDRiP
    • Films VOSTFR
    • 1080p/720p Blu-Ray
    • 3D Blu-Ray
    • ULTRA-HD 4K
    • DVDRiP to .mkv (HQ)
    • x265 and x264 HDLight
    • Cartoons
    • Movies (Deaf and hard of hearing)
    • OV movies
    • Old & Complete Films Collection
  • Series
    • VF Series
    • VF 720p series
    • VF 1080p series
    • VOSTFR series
    • VOSTFR Series 720p
    • VOSTFR 1080p series
    • VO-series
    • Old Series
  • Games
    • pc games
    • Xbox 360
    • PS3
    • Nintendo DS & 3DS
    • Nintendo Wii
    • PSP
    • Mac Games
    • hidden object games
    • nintendo-switch
  • Musics
  • anime
    • Anime VOSTFR
    • Anime VOSTFR 720p
    • Anime VOSTFR 1080p
    • Anime VF
    • Anime VF 720p
    • Anime VF 1080p
    • VOSTEN anime
    • manga movies
    • OVA
  • Documentaries
  • Tv programme
    • Reports, Investigations
    • Entertainment
    • Reality show
    • Music, Dance
    • News, Daily
    • Nature, Animals
    • Sports, Mechanical sports
    • Kitchen
    • Health
    • Science, Technology
  • Shows
  • Gigs
  • Sport
  • Self-training
  • Music for children
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In addition, on the homepage you always have the possibility to search for your file and to filter the results by date of publication, type of file, etc.

So you can download and watch unlimited movies and TV series in HD with just your internet connection and your device. ZT-ZA movies category download could be a very user-friendly and funky interface for movie lovers which allows primary time to enjoy and download from the site easily.

To download a file on Zone telechargement, simply access the page and choose a download link from the list of available hosts (1fichier, Uptobox, Turbobit, Nitroflare, etc.)

How to download on ZT-ZA – Download Zone Directory Zone
How to download on ZT-ZA – Download Zone Directory Zone

To upload files on this platform, you do not need to log in or create an account before you can upload a media file. Nevertheless, never forget that you must have enough space on the device where you want to download.

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Why does the download zone no longer work?

If ZT-ZA does not work for you, the reason is simple: your internet service provider has put this site on a blacklist, a blocking list. and he was forced by a court order.

So you have two options:

  1. Use a VPN to change and secure your IP address
  2. Change DNS manually.

Depending on the nature of the censorship, there are ways to regain access to blocked sites – within the limits of the law, which also applies, remember, to the web. The most obvious, and which has worked for blocking multiple streaming sites , is to use alternate DNS. You can indeed choose not to use the DNS provided by your operator.

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Changing your DNS on Mac   : to change your DNS on Mac, it’s very simple: go to Settings / Network / Advanced / DNS. Add here the DNS you want (list below) by clicking on the + at the bottom left.

Change your DNS on Windows   : go to Network and Sharing Center then Change card settings. Right click on your connection then Properties. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 and fill in the Preferred DNS Server and Alternate DNS Server boxes at the bottom.

Depending on your preferences, you can easily use one of these DNS servers:

  • Google: /
  • OpenDNS (Cisco): /
  • FDN  : /
  • OpenNic  : / /

In other cases, which are more censorship related, the best solution is to use a VPN . The configuration is often more complex and the services are paid, but it is often worth the cost.

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Best Similar Direct Download Sites

So, if you are looking for other alternatives to Zone download, here is a list of the best free direct download sites in 2022:

  1. Extreme Download
  2. wawacity
  3. Tirexo
  4. Cpasbien
  5. LibertyVF
  6. iDDL
  7. Time2watch
  8. DDLvalley
  9. yggtorrent
  10. Torrent9
  11. OXtorrent
  12. Cpasmieux
  13. Zone-Down
  14. Vostfree
  15. limetorrents
  16. RARBG
  17. Fitgirl Repacks
  18. IGG Games

You can also discover more alternatives in our ranking of the best free direct download sites .

The DDL: Download Movies, series, music for free

Zone-Téléchargement is decidedly indestructible. On this site you can find films and series of course, but also shows, cartoons, concerts, sports recordings, training videos, games, etc. Disable your ad blocker!

Indeed direct download sites (DDL) are currently my favorite source to download songs, apps, movies, books and games for free.

Direct download sites offer the easiest and potentially safest access to paid content on the Internet. Because companies frown on pirated material on the Internet, many governments have banned even legitimate use of torrents and Usenet services.

However, all of this material and more can be found on DDL sites and may be safer and easier to use than torrents .

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