AI service that can Remove watermarks from image is controversial.

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An Indian company has created a controversy online by announcing an AI service that remove watermarks from images. Some functions are open to the public free of charge, and anyone can use them from a web browser. The company that developed the image explains, “If you want to use the image for commercial purposes, please ask for the consent of the owner of the image in advance.”

AI service that can Remove watermarks from image is controversial.
Remove watermarks from image” released by Indian software vendor PixelBin is a service that uses AI to remove watermarks from images. It supports PNG, JPG, WebP, etc. of 2400 x 2400 pixels or less. In addition to web services, we are also providing apps for Android smartphones. The free plan allows you to use up to 45 credits

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The website includes comparisons of images with watermarks and images that have been removed. Identifying the position and color of the watermark, separating it from the image, and synthesizing the background image at the position where the watermark was present… AI will perform this series of work processes in a few seconds. The reporter also added a watermark to an image prepared by himself, and when he used the same service, it was indeed easy to remove the watermark.

Is it illegal to remove watermarks from image?

in the FAQ on the website, “Is it illegal to remove watermark from images?” It is recommended that any commercial use of the watermark-removed image must be approved by the original image owner in advance. We will not be held responsible if the user is sued.” .

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Is it illegal to remove watermark from images?
FAQs on site

Regarding this service, an overseas Twitter user who claims to be a designer asked, “I really don’t know anymore. Where are we going?” There was a series of voices questioning the service, such as “How much need is there for this?”

PixelBin’s mission and vision is “We help organizations and individuals rethink the overall business use of design and photography, and provide APIs that can support users to create top-notch products in the AI ​​era.” is here to help all designers create great images without any worries.”

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