5 Cookie Run Characters: Spicy OvenBreak, Made with Chili!

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Many of Cookie Run: OvenBreak ‘s characters are inspired by things in the real world. Some are based on food, drink, fruit, and even chilies and spices. Because they are made of spicy ingredients, these cookies are synonymous with fire and heat.

Hmm, I guess, which Cookie Run: OvenBreak characters taste spicy, huh? Let’s just see the list below, come on!

1. Red Pepper Cookie

5 Cookie Run Characters: Spicy OvenBreak, Made with Chili!

Derived from a batter filled with bits of hot chili pepper, Red Pepper Cookie dreams of becoming the toughest Muay Thai fighter in the Cookie World. To achieve this dream, he trains from day to night and refuses to leave the oven.


You can see his thunderous spirit during the activation of his skill . The embers erupted from Red Pepper Cookie’s body allowing her to remove punching bags and other obstacles.

This cookie, which was released in June 2018, is suitable for you to use in arenas that have many obstacles . So that the points you get are maximized, first study the arena so that the cookie’s skills are active in areas with lots of obstacles.

2. Chili Pepper Cookie

Chili Pepper Cookie

Spicy aside, the Chili Pepper Cookie is a very naughty cookie. Wherever he went, there would always be trouble. How not, he likes to break the law and steal valuables, such as coins and gems.

In fact, his brother, Red Pepper Cookie, had advised him to stop living the life of a thief. However, of course Chili Pepper Cookie ignored the message. In fact, he referred to his brother as a “Pleasure Delight” because of his disciplined, rigid, and rule-abiding nature.

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3. Pepperoncino Cookies

Pepperoncino cookies

Just released last May 2022, Pepperoncino Cookie also includes the character Cookie Run: OvenBreak which tastes spicy. This is of course because his body is concentrated by hot chili peppers from Calabria, Italy, namely pepperoncino .

This one cookie may seem scary. What’s more, he always carried his great Greatpepper Sword that was capable of splitting the ground. However, Pepperoncino Cookie felt sad because he had accidentally let go of the hand of a cookie on the cliff of Dragon Valley. It’s a dark past, isn’t it?

4. Mala Sauce Cookies

4. Mala Sauce Cookies

Talking about spicy, you can’t just miss the Mala Sauce Cookie. The leader of the Mala Tribe, this Cookie Run: OvenBreak character is made of dough mixed with a mouth-watering mala sauce.

The Mala Sauce Cookie and its tribe are considered to be very tough cookies. Unmitigated, they live in Dragon Valley which is famous for its hot temperatures and unfriendly environment. 

Their resistance to these extreme environments may come from their lifestyles that are no less extreme. The chief of the Mala tribe said the secret to a strong body is to consume chilies, spices, and more spices. Would you like to follow his advice?

5. Mustard Cookies

5. Mustard Cookies

“Dare to be different”—that’s the best way to describe Mustard Cookie. He has a belief that pastries don’t have to be sweet all the time. A cookie can also have a nutty taste, like the one made from mustard seeds.

Mustard Cookie is also not like the stereotype of cute and funny girl cookies in general. Fearless, he appears to be a tomboy and likes to draw graffiti with mustard spray paint made by his grandmother. In the midst of this judgmental era , maybe you can imitate Mustard Cookie’s stupid attitude.

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Their dough, which is made from chili and other spices, makes the five Cookie Run: OvenBreak characters above taste so spicy. Not only a matter of taste, their nature is also burning, as radiated in Red Pepper and Mala Sauce Cookies.

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