10 Best A/B Testing Tools to Help you in 2022

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A/B testing is one of the most commonly used experimental conversion rate optimization approaches, used by powerful brands such as Bing, Amazon , Booking.com Facebook and Google run over 1,000 controlled conversion improvement experiments every  month .

To give you an idea of ​​the benefits of adopting an experimental approach to design and experience optimization, Microsoft Bing increased its revenue by 12% (over $100M in the US alone) by running a small experiment testing different variations of its headline notifications.

A successful A/B test requires a data-backed hypothesis, an effective A/B testing tool , and a feedback system in place to accurately run and analyze results.


That’s why we’ve compiled a complete list  of the best A/B testing software for 2022  with their features and prices. We’ll also introduce you to some A/B testing hypothesis building techniques and give you tips on choosing the best A/B testing tool for your requirements and application.

What is A/B testing?

In A/B testing, you test two versions of a web page that are identical in all but one element. The original page is called control and the slightly modified page is called variation. Website traffic is randomly distributed between two pages to see which page performs best.

A success metric can be a conversion rate, click-through rate, open rate, sign-up rate , or other visitation activity.

A typical A/B testing process includes the following steps:

  • Gathering data about the performance of a web page to determine which elements to optimize. Surveys, analytics tools , or behavioral tools can be used to collect the required data .
  • Hypothesis building using data to suggest a change to an element, i.e. position, appearance, text, or design.
  • Creation of variations in accordance with the hypothesis.
  • Using A/B testing tools to run an experiment and compare the results to see how the variation performs compared to the control.
  • Gather additional data during and after the experiment to develop the next iteration. You can use survey tools or test data to collect this information.

How to Build Your A/B Testing Hypothesis

Before using A/B testing tools, you need to develop a viable experimental hypothesis that will work in your test. An unreliable hypothesis can lead to page performance degrading instead of being optimized.

Here are some effective ways to collect data to build a data-driven hypothesis:

1. Qualitative data (surveys)

Qualitative data complements analytics and behavioral datasets, allowing you to understand the reasons behind customer behavior.

Using advanced survey tools like Qualaroo opens up new possibilities for hyper-targeting different audience segments at the right time and asking targeted questions to gauge their experience.

a) Collecting feedback data before and after the A/B test

You can use advanced targeting options to poll visitors based on their demographics, behaviors, actions, and other attributes. You can then use these ideas to create your own variations.

Collecting feedback data before and after the A/B test

For example:

  • If a   webpage’s conversion rate is low, surveys can help you uncover the reasons for the performance you’re seeing. It could be a pricing issue, a broken link, unoptimized content , or a messaging issue.
  • You can embed simple surveys on your web page to ask targeted questions to visitors to understand their concerns and caveats, such as:
    • How well does the site meet your needs?
    • You found what you were looking for?
    • Is there anything that is preventing you from buying at the moment?
    • Was this information presented clearly?
    • What can we do to make this site more useful?
  • Now use the feedback data to build your working hypothesis for the A/B test.

Today, many survey tools provide AI-based analysis techniques such as  sentiment analysis to help make sense of response data, making testing faster and more efficient.

b) Collecting feedback data during an A/B test

The right survey tool will also help you gather feedback during your A/B test to gather valuable insights for the next iteration. Integrate the tool with your A/B testing software to survey visitors landing on any desired test option.

Gathering granular feedback during an A/B test

Use  Qualaroo’s integration with the Optimizely A/B testing tool to survey attendees assigned to a specific Optimizely experiment.

Whichever tool you use, make sure it gives you the full power to create personalized and targeted surveys to collect visitor feedback.

2. Analytical data

Analytics data can help you evaluate your site’s performance and find optimization points.

Here’s how you can use tools like Google Analytics to collect data for your A/B testing hypothesis:

  • Compare the bounce rate and traffic of your landing web page with the site average.
  • Compare the conversion rates of similar landing pages to understand which page needs to be optimized.
  • Create a custom report, compare the performance of two pages with custom properties, export reports to spreadsheets with a single click, and more to build your hypothesis.
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3. Behavioral data

Behavioral analysis tools allow you to visualize and compare customer journeys on your website.

For example:

  • Session recording tools like SessionCam allow you to see how visitors behave and interact on your site to determine navigation and interaction patterns.
  • Heatmap tools such as  Fullstory help identify the most interacting sections and page elements using a color spectrum.
  • The Eye-tracking system shows which elements attract the most attention on a web page.

Behavioral analysis tools are ideal for capturing data on the ideal position of page elements, such as the CTA button , to maximize engagement.

10 Best A/B Testing Tools for 2022

1. Optimize

10 Best A/B Testing Tools for 2022

Let’s start the list with experience management and an A/B testing tool optimized. You can build and manage your CMS , build your website, and run controlled A/B tests using the same tool. It is an executive A/B testing platform ideal for large companies with high traffic volumes to test and optimize their website.

What makes Optimizely one of the best A/B testing software on the market?

  • Perform A/B tests and multi-page tests efficiently.
  • It offers a powerful visual editor for creating and testing variations.
  • You can distribute traffic according to variations manually, or use the statistics accelerator to automatically distribute traffic based on visitor behavior.
  • It includes powerful statistical engines to help you analyze tests and show metrics such as confidence interval, likelihood of conversion rate variation, and relative improvement in conversion rate from baseline. Test numbers are displayed on one dashboard screen.
  • Segment visitors by various parameters such as campaign, geography, device, browser, cookies , campaign, etc. to optimize each touch point.
    Use the dashboard to manage experiments, compare goals, track conversion rates, improvements, and more.

Price:  Available on request.

2. Dynamic Yield

Dynamic Yield

Dynamic Yield is another enterprise-grade experience personalization and bucket testing tool that provides ample opportunity to build your hypothesis, run tests, and implement changes with one tool. You can organize customer data from different workspace tools under one dashboard, run successful A/B tests, and use built-in behavioral targeting tools to deliver a personalized customer experience.

That’s why Dynamic Yield opts for the leading A/B testing tools:

  • It includes client side and server side testing. You can run A/B tests, multidimensional tests, and split URL tests on a website, apps, email, and even display ads.
  • It offers a WYSIWYG editor to create test variations including layout, design, location, widget title, etc.
  • Dynamic Yield easily integrates with marketing platforms like DMPS, web analytics, tag managers, etc.
  • It automatically distributes traffic to the top performers to maximize conversions during the test and reach statistical significance faster.
  • Its powerful, flexible statistical engine uses a combination of Bayesian and multi-armed bandit algorithms to eliminate errors and calculate confidence levels in tests to ensure high reliability and improve ROI
  • It also provides predictive targeting to personalize visitor experiences to show visitors the most relevant content and dynamically restructure the page based on their preferences.
  • Its omnichannel personalization solution lets you customize triggered notifications, messages , and emails based on visitor behavior to maximize engagement across channels.

Price:  Available on request.

3. Convertize

3. Convertize

Convertize is a smart A/B testing tool that fits any budget. It features cutting-edge technologies such as Autopilot™ that allow you to run effective A/B tests while maximizing conversions.

You can go from a data-backed hypothesis to a successful experiment in a matter of hours without disturbing your developers. In addition, the hybrid statistical approach gives highly reliable results with more accurate statistical validity.

How to convert intelligent A/B testing platform?

  • Use drag-and-drop SmartEditor™ to create variations.
  • Convertize Autopilot™ automatically manages A/B test traffic and moves more visitors to top performing pages to maximize and optimize conversions.
  • It automatically responds instantly to behavioral trends and uses historical data to optimize conversions.
  • Convertize prevents A/B flickering and provides improved page loading speed .
    Its hybrid statistics engine uses combined Bayesian and frequentist methods to calculate test scores such as CR%, estimated test duration confidence level, etc. to ensure error-free testing and high statistical significance.
    It offers personalization options like nudges, social proof , and FOMO posts to increase conversions.
    You can easily add Convertize to your existing tag manager platform or CMS.
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Price:  From $49 per month.

4. Google Optimize

Google Optimize

As the name suggests, Optimize is Google’s A/B testing solution that gives you one of the best data analytics tools when combined with Google Analytics . Apart from testing capabilities, it also offers server testing, custom URL rules, experience personalization, and more so that you can test and provide online experiences to attract visitors.

Using Google Optimize requires a bit of technical experience, but it’s still a powerful tool at an affordable price, i.e. free.

Features that make Google Optimize more than just separate testing software:

  • With Google Optimize, you can run A/B tests, multidimensional tests, split URL tests, and redirect tests.
  • Optimize also has a WYSIWYG editor so you can quickly create and deploy your variations to any device.
  • You can segment your audience according to source, device, location, and more to personalize their experience.
  • It allows you to set goals and objectives to measure the success of your hypothesis during the execution of the test.
  • The Google Optimize analytics system uses Bayesian inference to show you the real-time performance of your variations compared to controls, such as odds of success, conversion rate comparison, statistical significance, confidence level, and more.
  • Optimization is also natively integrated with Google Analytics so you can get real-time insights into visitor behavior, site performance, audience segmentation, traffic sources, and more.

Price:  Optimize comes in two versions: Optimize, free, and Optimize360, a paid version.

5. AB Tasty

AB Tasty

AB Tasty is one of the best CRO tools  for companies starting out with optimization techniques. It provides many features to run variation tests to improve your site. You can use powerful traffic segmentation parameters and a Bayesian statistical engine to get reliable results from your experiments.

That’s why AB Tasty is one of the best A/B testing tools:

  • Allows you to perform A/B tests, split tests, multivariate tests, and multi-page tests.
  • Use the drag and drop editor to create and test variations.
  • Its dynamic traffic allocation intelligently sends traffic into a winning variance after achieving statistical reliability.
  • Create any combination of goals to evaluate the effectiveness of your experiments. Define events like mouse clicks and hover, widgets added, etc.
  • Set different campaign triggers to trigger personalized messages at exactly the right moment.
  • Leverage machine learning, behavioral, transactional, location data, and more. To personalize the user experience. Explore the ROI of your campaigns and analyze test reports and trust levels in real time.
  • It uses Al algorithms to segment traffic as disconnected, roaming, valuable, and customer.
  • You can offer detailed personalization options like social proofs, image matchmakers, progress bar, etc. based on segmentation.
  • Integrate with other tools to send campaign reports with a single click.

Price:  Available on request.

6. VWO


VWO is another widely popular CRO and bucket testing tool that allows you to perform client and service side testing to optimize your website. This is one of the best A/B testing and split testing software on the market. In addition, it also provides behavioral analysis tools so that you can collect data to build your hypothesis without the need for a separate tool.

  • Run A/B tests, multidimensional tests, and URL split tests to test your options.
  • In addition, it offers session recording, heat maps, on-page surveys, and more to get real insight into visitor behavior and experience.
  • Its easy-to-use visual editor lets you create test cases in minutes. You can also add various widgets such as popups, banners, etc. using the visual editor test on your site.
  • Create triggers based on visitor behavior to decide when to show widgets to them.
  • It also has an advanced code editor for making changes directly to HTML / CSS /JS.
  • VWO provides asynchronous encoding to reduce flicker and improve page loading speed.
  • It uses SmartStats, a Bayesian engine, to show you test scores and calculate each variation’s transform probability, statistical significance, etc.
  • Allows you to segment visitors, such as mobile and desktop traffic or new and returning visitors, or you can use custom dimensions to create new segments.
  • Integrations available: Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, Demandware, Magento and others.

Price:  Plans with A/B testing tools starting at $199/month.

7. Obviyo (Formerly HiConversion)


Obviyo is a hyper-personalization software that uses machine learning and AI-based testing and optimization techniques to deliver the best experience for your customers. Its adaptive engine allows you to test multiple pages in parallel and dynamically allocate traffic to winning variants to maximize lifts.

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What’s more, it analyzes and organizes customer data in real time to generate ideas for use in the next iteration, making the experimentation process more flexible and faster.

Why did you choose Obviyo as the A/B testing tool for your business?

  • You can run A/B tests and multivariate tests.
  • Use over 100+ templates to easily create your own test cases.
  • Its dynamic traffic allocation feature automatically identifies winning combinations and directs traffic to the best option to maximize conversions.
  • With full MVT capabilities and real-time data optimization, HiConversion’s self-learning artificial intelligence allows you to constantly experiment and improve your website.
  • Powerful AI -powered personalization offers visitors real-time product recommendations based on their behavior and context

Price:  Available on request.



Continuing the theme of AI-driven A/B testing , the Unbounce Conversion Intelligence™ platform is ideal for maximizing the ROI of your advertising campaigns. With features like an intuitive landing page builder , AI writing tool (Smart copy), predictive conversion analytics , intelligent traffic distribution and more, you can create and optimize your landing pages to increase conversions.

That’s why we’ve added Unbounce to our list of the best A/B testing platforms:

  • It allows you to A/B test and split test your site.
  • You can use the advanced drag and drop builder to create landing page elements.
  • Unbounce uses the AI-powered Smart Traffic™ engine to monitor visitor behavior and dynamically target traffic to appropriate variations to maximize conversions.
  • It also offers personalization options for your landing pages, such as pop-ups. Sticky bars, dynamic text replacement (DTR), etc. to encourage the visitor to take action.

Price:  Plans with A/B testing features start at $120 per month.

9. Fresh Marketer (Freshworks CRM)

 Fresh Marketer

With Freshworks CRM  (formerly Freshmarketer) you get an all-in-one marketing and CRO solution that offers tools for A/B testing, marketing automation and website personalization.

You can track your A/B test results by assigning conversion-based metrics to your testing goals like add to cart, successful checkout, etc., which makes more sense than simply tracking clicks. In addition, it also supports built-in heat maps to collect quantitative data during the test for further iterations.

What makes Freshworks a complete A/B conversion testing tool?

  • It provides tools for A/B testing, split testing, and funnel analysis.
  • It uses a robust WYSIWYG visual editor to help you create variations for your tests.
  • You can also set goals, custom events, and targeting options for each variation using the visual editor to quickly set up tests.
  • Segment your traffic to target your audience based on traffic, device, new visitors, and more.
  • You can use the advanced calculator to determine the required sample size, optimal test length, and required confidence level based on the baseline conversion rate and statistical significance you are trying to achieve in order to avoid false positives.
  • The Informative Reports section shows the performance of each option in terms of conversion rate, lift, visitors, test duration, and more.
  • In addition to testing, it also offers many marketing and CRO tools such as email marketing , chats, workflow automation , session replays, and heatmaps to increase conversions.

Price:  From $29 per month.



Perfect for SMBs, Omniconvert offers several features to help you test your hypothesis and roll out improvements to your website, mobile or tablet with A/B testing and split testing software.

With multipurpose tracking, advanced traffic segmentation, real-time customer data, AI-powered automated experiments, and advanced experiment analytics, you can make data-driven changes to your site. It also offers an integrated survey platform to collect valuable information from customers.

Why is Omniconvert one of the best Ab testing tools?

  • It offers A/B testing and URL split testing capabilities.
  • Use the visual editor and the code editor to create test cases.
  • Segment visitors based on over 40 parameters such as page traffic, traffic source, time, location, language, and more.
  • Ominconvert offers both Bayesian and frequency based algorithms to calculate variation performance and other metrics like statistical significance, confidence level, conversion rate probability, etc. to get a winning variation.
  • You can set up multiple personalization options such as recommendations, pop-ups, survey forms , welcome messages, navigation tips, reviews, etc. based on user segmentation.
  • Easily integrates with Google Analytics so you can export all data to your Analytics account.

Price:  From $167 per month.

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