10 Advantages of Qamar al-Din drink for the body and skin

10 Advantages of Qamar al-Din drink for the body and skin
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Qamar al-Din drink is one of the most delicious drinks that is always present on the Ramadan table. But its benefits are greater than that we eat it as usual. We know the advantages of Qamar al-Din drink for the body and skin

10 Advantages of Qamar al-Din drink for the body and skin
10 Advantages of Qamar al-Din drink for the body and skin

Because of its great benefits and also because it has a good taste that adults and children love. Qamar al-Din is dried apricots in the form of easy and quick to prepare bars.

Qamar al-Din juice contains a high percentage of minerals and vitamins important for health. It is rich in vitamin A and contains antioxidants, B vitamins and vitamin C.


In addition to a large amount of dietary fiber. It also contains iron and potassium in large quantities, which makes its health benefits numerous and comprehensive for the body

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Here are the most important benefits of Qamar al-Din drink

  1. It prevents excessive thirst and dehydration and generates energy to perform better throughout the day
  2. Qamar al-Din juice regulates the work of the digestive system and helps soften the intestines and fight chronic constipation ,
    • It is preferable to take it before eating as an appetite suppressant, and it is useful for those who suffer from extreme thinness, weak body and structure, and treatment of loss of appetite for food. It is also useful in treating some severe diarrhea cases, as it treats indigestion cases.
    • It also activates the functions of the liver, helps to get rid of body toxins and resists various infections in the body
  3. Qamar Al-Din is a very nutritious drink that we advise all pregnant women or those who are about to give birth to always take it to improve the health of her and the fetus
    • Qamar al-Din juice also helps in treating most cases of anemia and compensating those with bleeding because it is quickly absorbed
    • It also benefits females in regulating the menstrual cycle and relieving the problem of menorrhagia
  4. It is useful in improving the appearance of the skin, as it resists the manifestations of aging, wrinkles and fading of the skin and gives it vitality, freshness and smoothness
  5. Improves vision and fights most eye diseases
  6. It helps children to improve their general growth, increase their ability to fast and compensate for the fasting period
  7. Treats the problem of night insomnia and sleep interruption
  8. Stimulates the body’s immune system, helps it fight disease, and strengthens the body
  9. Protects the body from the risk of spreading cancer tumors and hinders their spread in the body and has a major role in reducing the incidence of skin cancer, leukemia and lung cancer
  10. It removes psychological tensions and headaches resulting from them and helps to relax the body and feel comfortable and relaxed
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