Diablo Immortal: Necromancer Skill List & Recommended Builds

Diablo Immortal
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Diablo Immortal‘s Necromancer skill list & English-Japanese translation table and recommended builds are summarized. I hope this will be useful when you want to check your skills on the go and think about builds, or when you want to check the builds of top overseas players and use them as a reference.

Diablo Immortal

Main attack (select one from all two types)

Name (EN)Name (JP)Learning LeEffect
SoulfireFlame of the soul1Fires a <Soul Flame> that explodes when hitting an enemy, damaging the target and dealing 25% damage to all nearby enemies.
Hungering Soulfire
The flames of a hungry soul
1Enhances Soul Flame for 12 seconds and fires multiple Bone Spirits that track and damage enemies. 
Enemies hit multiple times at the same time will have their damage reduced by 75% from the second time onwards.
Bone SpearBone Spear34Fires a bone spear that penetrates up to 2 enemies and causes damage. 
Damage is reduced by 50% each time it penetrates
Dread Skullscythe[Ultimate]
Dread Skull Scythe
34Strengthen Bone Spear for 12 seconds, swinging a scythe instead of Bone Spear to attack and knock back enemies

Diablo Immortal: Necromancer Skills (4 out of 12 types)

Name (EN)Name (JP)Learning LvEffect
Command SleletonsCommand skeleton1When activated: Rush the skeletal champion to a specific point and increase the attack speed by 80% for 4.5 seconds
Passive effect: Summon the skeletal champion every 8 seconds (up to 2) [CD8 seconds]
Grim ScytheA terrifying scythe1Slash with the summoned scythe and damage all enemies in front of you. Generates a corpse for each hit (maximum 2 bodies) [CD 9 seconds / maximum 2 charges]
Corpse ExplosionCorpse Explosion3Explodes all corpses within the specified range and damages all nearby enemies. If the enemy receives multiple explosions at the same time, the damage will be reduced by 40% from the second time onwards [CD 1 second]
Bone SpikesBone spike8Summons sharp bones from the ground to damage and stun enemies. Damage and range increase when accumulated [CD 12 seconds]
Wraith FormWraith form15Transforms into a wraith for 2 seconds, becomes invincible, and increases movement speed by 50%. The transformation is canceled when you attack [CD 9.4 seconds]
Skeletal MageSkeletal Mage20Summon a skeletal mage for 13 seconds. The Skeletal Mage cannot move and fires a Flame of Soul, damaging all enemies in orbit. You can summon up to 6 skeletons and skeleton mages in total [CD 24 seconds]
Bone WallBone wall28 28Creates a bone wall for 9.2 seconds to block the movement of enemies and prevent projectiles [CD14 seconds / maximum 3 charges]
Corpse LanceCorpse Lance38Fire a bullet from the corpse and stab the target and nearby random enemies. Each corpse fires three lances. Enemies that hit multiple times at the same time will have their damage reduced by 20% from the second time onwards [CD 1 second]
Bone ArmorBone Armor41 41Attach a shield that absorbs damage for 12 seconds to protect yourself and allies in the vicinity [CD 20 seconds]
Dark CurseCurse of darkness44Curse enemies within the specified range and steal visibility [CD 12 seconds]
Bone SpiritBone Spirit47 47Unleash a bone spirit and continue to do damage. Energy is gradually consumed while using Bone Spirit, and energy is gradually restored when not in use [CD 0.5 seconds]
Command GolemCommand golem50Summon a Bone Golem for 24 seconds. 
In addition to damaging nearby enemies and stunning them for 2 seconds when summoned, you can also jump to a specified position and instruct them to attack nearby enemies for 6 seconds [CD 36 seconds].

Recommended build 1: Summon build (provisional)

Skill composition

Soul Flame
Command Skeleton Skeleton
Command Golem
Corps Explosion

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Build description

It is a build that fights with a skeleton mage that is installed on a turret and a command golem that acts as a tank, centered on a skeleton that is automatically summoned every 8 seconds. Enemy corpses can be wiped out by exploding them with Corpse Explosion as appropriate. Use bone armor or bone walls if you’re worried about endurance, or wraith foam if you want emergency avoidance and movement skills.


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