Diablo Immortal: Normal Gem & Legendary Gem List

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This article describes Diablo Immortal’s normal and legendary gems . In addition , we have put together a list and implemented a filtering function .

Diablo Immortal legendary gems

Diablo Immortal: Legendary jewels

Commentary on Legendary Jewels

Legendary gems are gems that are effective when attached to the sockets of the equipment in the primary slot (main hand, off hand, helmet, shoulder rest, armor, and undergarment) .

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How to get Legendary Jewels

  1. Clear the Elder Lift using the Legendary Crest and drop it with confirmation
  2. If you clear the Elder Lift using a normal crest stone, there is a certain probability that it will drop (however, up to 2 star Leger jewels).
  3. Craft runes with a jeweler
  4. Buy from other players in the market

Diablo Immortal: Legendary gem drop rate

When using Legendary Crest Stone

Star 175.395%
Star 220.105%
Star? / 52/5 stars3.375%4.5% in total
Star 3/50.9%
Star 4/50.18%
5/5 stars0.045%

When using a normal crest stone

Star 1Five%
Star 20%
5 stars0%

Diablo Immortal: Normal gem

redTourmalinedamage[Rank 1] +8
[Rank 2] +16
[Rank 3] +32
[Rank 4] +56
[Rank 5] +92
redRubylife[Rank 1] +80
[Rank 2] +160
[Rank 3] +320
[Rank 4] +560
[Rank 5] +920
BlueAquamarinearmor[Rank 1] +8
[Rank 2] +16
[Rank 3] +24
[Rank 4] +36
[Rank 5] +56
BluesapphireArmor penetration[Rank 1] +8
[Rank 2] +16
[Rank 3] +24
[Rank 4] +36
[Rank 5] +56
yellowTopazResistance[Rank 1] +8
[Rank 2] +16
[Rank 3] +24
[Rank 4] +36
[Rank 5] +56
yellowCitrineefficacy[Rank 1] +8
[Rank 2] +16
[Rank 3] +24
[Rank 4] +36
[Rank 5] +56

Explanation of normal gems

A jewel is a jewel that works when attached to the socket of the equipment in the secondary slot (necklace, ring 1, ring 2, hands, waist, shoes). Only jewels that match the color of the socket attached to the equipment can be attached.

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Rank up normal gems

Jewels can be upgraded by synthesizing 3 gems of the same rank. After rank 6, you will need 3 gems of the same rank and another rare material.

How to get normal gems

  1. Prize Bulletin Board Rewards
  2. Secret roost (random timed dungeon)
  3. Elder lift
  4. Buy from a pattern merchant
  5. Buy from other players in the market


We have delivered a list of normal and legendary gems from Diablo Immortal. We will update the article according to the update, so do not miss it in the future!

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