How to take TikTok’s childhood trauma test and share your results

Child Trauma Test Tiktok
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The Childhood Trauma Test is the latest to become popular on TikTok, with creators taking the test and sharing their results on the platform.

How to take TikTok's childhood trauma test and share your results

The latest quiz to support TikTok is the Childhood Trauma Test, which, as the name suggests, tells you how bad your childhood was. It is quite common for different quizzes and tests to become popular on TikTok, with users heading to the platform to share their results. These tests are not a TikTok feature and are instead hosted on third-party websites. It’s unclear why a particular test becomes popular, but once it does, the creators don’t want to miss the trend.

A shining example of this is the Human Emotion Quiz, which is always making the rounds on TikTok. The viral quiz is hosted on a Russian quiz platform and asks users to answer 10 questions to tell them which human emotion matches their personality. Depending on the answers to the questions, users can get various results that include emotions such as “joy”, “anger” and “sadness”, among others.


The Childhood Trauma test is hosted on the BetterMe website, which is a mental health platform that provides users with a meditation and yoga plan based on their answers. The subscription plan seems to be the same regardless of the results, so don’t expect anything personalized. As expected, TikTok users seem uninterested in the meditation plan and are mostly taking the test to share their results, rather than subscribing to BetterMe itself. The Childhood Trauma Test can be accessed by clicking this link and claims to only take a minute to complete.

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How to Pass the Childhood Trauma Test

How to Pass the Childhood Trauma Test

The first page of the test asks you to answer the question “What do you feel most often” and offers four options: “Guilt”, “Abandonment”, “Mistrust” or “Other”. Once you’ve chosen an option, you’ll need to answer 18 additional questions, ranging from the nature of your childhood memories to your current stress level. Each question has multiple choices, but you can only choose one answer. After the test is completed, the website takes a few seconds to process the results. It then asks you to enter an email address to get a copy of the results. This step is mandatory, although the website didn’t email anything in the end.

After entering the email address, BetterMe also reveals the test results on its website. You get a personal summary, which includes a “score” for various traumas such as rejection, betrayal, abandonment, and injustice. He then recommends a 28-day trauma plan which is a paid subscription. The “plan” claims to be a magic potion that can fix everything from relationship problems to anxiety to a failing career. At the end of the test, there is a “Get My Plan” button, which redirects users to a subscription page. If the goal is only to share the test on TikTok, just take a screenshot of the results page and post it in a video to get views and save you money.

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