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Last updated on December 17th, 2022 at 02:02 pm

TikTok’s What human emotion am i quiz is the latest craze on the internet but some users are confused how to get the results of the test in English.

Jessicaanne100 Human emotion quiz

Over the weekend, millions of users have been occupied taking the test after it went viral on TikTok with the trending hashtags #humanfeelings and #humanemotions.


The original quiz comes from a Russian website and many people have been searching for an English version.

Here’s how to get the what human emotion am i quiz results in English.

go to Uquiz Website. If you’re using Chrome, you should see a pop-up appear at the top of your browser asking if you want to translate the page. Simply click the ‘English’ tab and the entire quiz will be translated into English for you.

Human emotion quiz

If you’re using Safari, there’s a small translation symbol at the end of the address bar. Click it, hit ‘Translate to English’ and you should be all set.

There’s 11 questions in the quiz in total, and once you’ve worked your way through them answering as honestly as you can, you’ll be given your answer.

It’s unclear just how many ‘human feeling’ results are included in the quiz, but players have been sharing their results on TikTok and Twitter. In the comments of one viral TikTok sharing their results, one user wrote: “The questions seemed so irrelevant but the result was so accurate????”

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What do I have to do? 

The website first asks you to enter your name and press ‘Start Quiz’ to get to the 11 multiple-choice questions.

You are not required to use your real name or input any further personal information. 

The developer of the quiz, who has the username arixxcn, writes that it is ‘based on my personal opinion and site algorithms. I hope you will like it!’

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Some of the questions and answers appear to be phrased strangely due to translation limitations between Russian and English.

The fifth question reads ‘flower language. choose what you like the most’, for example.

Potential answers to this question include ‘crocus – joy, fun, freshness of feelings. “You gave me unforgettable moments.” and ‘vicar – “will you dance with me?”‘.

Other questions ask you to choose a picture of a beverage out of a series of images, and question six asks ‘is it okay to have feelings?’.

These are the questions you’ll get asked in the quiz

• So first you’ll be asked how you’d respond to someone saying “Hey”

• Next you’ll be asked to choose a random event from the quiz makers life

• Then you’ll be asked to pick what you’d like to do right now from the list of options

• The next question requires you to pick a drink

• Then you need to pick a flower from a list

• The next question then asks you if it’s okay to have feelings, pretty deep but just go with it

• Next up is a question asking your thoughts and feelings towards space

• Question eight asks: “What are you hiding from others?”

• Then the next question asks what you want to say to people (don’t worry it gives you options)

• Question ten asks if you were given the opportunity to be reborn in the body of an animal, which animal would it be?

What is TIKTOK’S What human emotion am i quiz?

TikTok’s human emotion quiz is a new test that has taken over several social media platforms in the last few days.

The test asks you a series of questions to determine what human emotion you are but it’s not clear what algorithms the website or the test uses for the result.

Some of the questions include “choose a random event from life that suits you,” “what would you like right now” and “choose a drink” and users can pick between four options for each question.

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The quiz is available on a quiz platform called Uquiz and was created by someone with the username @arixxcn. The platform hosts a number of different tests and users can set up an individual profile and create their own quiz.

What are some of the examples of results from the What human emotion am i quiz ?

After answering all 11 questions, the quiz assigns you to a “human feeling”, which users have been posting on TikTok and Twitter.

One result, “true love”, states: “Definitely very strong and wonderful people. Your loved ones are very lucky to have you, and you, too, you know, are huge smarties [sic].

“Probably sometime in your life something terrible happened and you broke down, piece by piece picking yourself up. But I’m glad it’s okay now.”

@teachtactic Human Feeling Quiz 2022 #humanfelling #humanfeelingquiz ♬ original sound – Teach Tactic

Once you have answered all 11 questions in the quiz, it will tell you which ‘human feeling’ you are, and invite you to share it on social media. 

MailOnline’s Fiona Jackson got ‘true love’ after trying out the quiz.

The description of ‘true love’ read ‘you… wow. really, wow. definitely very strong and wonderful people. 

‘your loved ones are very lucky to have you, and you, too, you know, are huge smarties. 

‘probably sometime in your life something terrible happened, and you broke down, piece by piece picking yourself up. but I’m glad it’s okay now.’

Other social media users got results like ‘sadness’, ‘humility’ and ‘sincere love’.

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One quiz taker tweeted: ‘I took the tiktok emotion quiz and got despondency and it’s upsettingly accurate’.

The description for their result reads: ‘Not far from humility but you still try to fight. And I’m proud of you. It hurts and very often you want to quit everything.

‘You have lost interest in life, you don’t want it to end, but also to keep it going. I keep my fingers crossed for you! Everything will surely work out.’

TikTok videos where users display their results are usually backed by a sped-up version of the song ‘In My Room’ by Chance Pena.

The hashtag has received over 515,000 views at time of writing, and the song has been used in over 328,000 videos.

Is it safe? 

The personality quiz only requires a user to input a name in order to start it, however there are still risks associated with accessing unfamiliar websites.

Cybersecurity advisor Jake Moore said: ‘Like with any website that requests data input, users should be cautious of what personal data they may give away. 

‘These sites may seem quite harmless and a bit of fun but they still scoop up data from the device such as browser used, device model but they could also potentially view your IP address. 

‘Unknown sites could also contain adverts that include spyware and other harmful content so it is best to err on the side of caution.

‘It’s advised to use a VPN – virtual private network – on sites you cannot verify and be mindful about what data you may give away voluntarily.’

An adblocker may help against accidentally downloading a virus or malware as, according to Moore, just clicking on an advert once can cause ‘device havoc’.

When inputted into website reputation checker URLVoid, the UQuiz domain was registered way back in 2008, and no scams have since been reported. 

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