Domestic indie games that embroidered the Metaverse Indie Game Show 2022

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This year marks the 3rd year since ‘Indiecraft’ held a game show in the online metaverse space. As it is the 3rd time, this year’s ‘Indiecraft‘ has more games than ever before. A whopping 241 domestic developers applied for entries before the start of the event, recording the largest number of applications ever, and among them, 47 domestic and 3 community games were selected through strict and fair screening by game industry experts. That’s it.

The games submitted to match the highest number of supports in history are also very good. From ‘Mountain Butterfly’, a cyberpunk 2D action game that was known even before its release, to ‘Belaster’, a side-scrolling soul-like action game, and ‘Blackout’, a side-scrolling co-op zombie shooter. Amazingly attractive games were waiting for gamers by setting up booths in the metaverse space.

List of Domestic indie games

In addition, it is ‘Indiecraft‘, where many games were submitted. Among the domestic indie games whose quality is increasing day by day, let’s take a look at which attractive games have welcomed visitors in the metaverse space.


■ Velaster / Engineer

Velaster Trailer

Velaster‘, a side-scrolling soul-like action game developed by engineers, is a game with a dark atmosphere, challenging difficulty unique to Soul-like, and heavy action. The game’s stage, Malum, was once a space where angels and demons coexist, but the peace they built was easily destroyed by trivial disputes. Now, this once-symbol of peace has been transformed into a horrific space of blood, flesh, and maggots.

In this world of death and corruption, the awakened player has lost all his memories. He doesn’t know who he is, where he is, or why he has to fight the monster before his eyes. All I remember is that somewhere within the towering castle in the distance, there is a target of vengeance that I must risk my life to defeat.

There are three characters in ‘Velaster’: a knight who uses a sword and shield, a pair of swords boasting quick and acrobatic movements, and a slow but heavy hammer with one shot. Players must choose one of these, each with different attack styles, skills and combos, to defeat the monsters that stand in their way and complete their quest for revenge.

indie games

■ Blackout / outdoor unit operation

When you think of co-op zombie shooters, what games come to mind? Each gamer who hears this question will probably come up with a different game. Some people are talking about ‘Left 4 Dead’ and some people are talking about the ‘killing floor’. Or, there are people who are talking about ‘World War Z’ or the recently released ‘Back for Blood’. As such, zombie co-op shooters have come out with as many games as their popularity.

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‘Blackout’, which is being developed by Outdoor Unit Operation, is also similar to previous games from a broad perspective. There is not much difference except for side scrolling. All you have to do is drop the zombie-filled earth with up to 4 players and then use a variety of weapons and grenades to defeat the zombies. It is simple, but it can be said that it guarantees a certain amount of fun.

Currently, you can experience a demo of ‘Blackout’ through the ‘Indiecraft‘ metaverse booth. If you are not sure what kind of game it is just from the description, and if you are a gamer looking for a new side-scrolling co-op shooter to enjoy with friends, please visit the outdoor unit operation booth.


■ Brave Heart / Direct Pointer

‘Braveheart’, which is being developed by Direct Pointer, is a PvP game that combines chess and a turn-based RPG. Players must assemble their own decks by combining various units and compete against other users. Each unit is armed with different characteristics. Some units are as simple as chess pawns, while others have ranged attacks or are armed with various special abilities. Players must construct the optimal deck considering the strengths and energy consumption of each of these units.

The game is played in a real-time turn-based manner. However, it is a little different from a typical turn-based RPG. That’s energy consumed. In ‘Braveheart’, the energy consumption of each attack and movement is separated, so the deck must be constructed and manipulated in consideration of this. For example, units with ranged attacks will consume that much attack energy, so if you do it wrong, you may end up with only a fraction of your units being used.

However, it does not end just because the attack energy is used up. This is because there may be items that replenish energy. If you’re lucky, you can even move other units to replenish their attack energy. It can be said that it is a factor that maximizes the strategy along with the deck combination. If there are gamers who are thirsty for real-time strategy games, please wait for ‘Braveheart’. It might give you the fun of a familiar yet different strategy.

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■ Corrupted / 36 liters


‘Corrupted’, which is being developed by 36 Liters, is a hardcore auto battle rogue-like deck building (HARD) genre game. As you can see from the fact that it is an auto battle, ‘Corrupted’ is basically an automatic battle. Of course, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any factors for players to intervene. As with any Auto Battle, ‘Corrupted’ has several areas where the player’s strategy is required.

The first is a deckbuilding element that combines characters prior to battle. Each of the characters in ‘Corrupted’ has different stats and different skills, so you need to take this into consideration when forming a team. Once you’ve teamed up, it’s time to put them into battle. In order to win, you need to form an effective formation, such as placing tanks forward and healers in the rear, taking into account the stats of each character.

When the battle begins in earnest, all the player has to do is use their skills. While considering your current cost and the cost of using the skill, you need to figure out which character’s skill is in your hand and use it wisely. ‘Corrupted’, which aims to provide as much fun as a combination of various genres, can currently experience a demo version at the 36-liter booth. If you want to try the game before the official release, please visit the 36 Liters booth right now.


■ Final Night / Dusisoft

Final Night

Sometimes, it is expressed in this way even though it is incompatible because it is opposite to each other, such as being delicate and crude, or being rough and meticulous. The first impression of ‘Final Night’ under development by Doosisoft was just like this. It was rough and delicate. It’s not just first impressions. The game system was similar. At first, I thought it was a game with simple controls, but then I found out that it had its own depth.

‘Final Night’ can be divided into two main categories: lobby and battle. The lobby is a space where you prepare before battle, and you have to choose which items to bring or organize a party. There are 9 classes in the game, and you can form a party of 4 people in Tang/Gun-Dill/Won-Dill/Heal. As the composition of the party that is disadvantageous varies according to the stage, this should be taken into account. The same goes for items and equipment. You must choose strategically according to the stage and boss.

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The same goes for combat. Each class needs to be manipulated effectively. When a tank provokes an enemy, it changes to a wizard, and attacks with a powerful range from a distance, and so on. These battles shine even more in boss battles. Bosses have a variety of patterns, and each has different weaknesses, so you need your own strategy. While attacking the weak points of the boss, you have to fight in consideration of the characteristics of each class.

‘Final Knight’ is a belt-scrolling action RPG with exciting and strategic elements. If there are gamers who have played belt scrolling games in the arcade without realizing the passage of time, this is the game. I think it’s good to look forward to. he 36 Liters booth right now.

Final Knight
Final Night

■ Terminus: Zombie Survivors / Ingun Games


Zombies and survival are a combination that works once and for all. In a way, it can be said that it is the bible of the genre. ‘Terminus: Zombie Survivors’ is also a game of that genre. A turn-based survival roguelike set in a zombie apocalypse. The player’s purpose is simple. After a zombie apocalypse, you arrive safely to the final station where the survivors gather to survive. Of course, the journey is not easy. You have to survive the hunger, the cold and, above all, the terrible hordes of zombies.

Like a situation where it is impossible to know even an inch ahead, ‘Terminus’ is armed with all kinds of random elements. Players’ occupations on maps that are randomly generated each game also change from time to time. The same goes for basic play. All movements, searches, and attacks are turn-based, so in order to survive, you have to think carefully and act before passing the turn. Taking care of your condition should not be overlooked either. If left untreated, the condition worsens and can even lead to death.

Of course, you can still be bitten by zombies or die from low health. Nothing to worry about though. All you have to do is learn from failure and succeed next time. ‘Terminus’ is currently in Early Access on Steam. And the ratings are good. Reviews continue to be very positive. Indeed, what kind of fun will the official release version bring? It would be good to enjoy it in advance before the official release.

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