Marvel’s Best Venom got his powers. [SPOILER] Not a symbiote

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As an anti-venom, Flash Thompson has a lot of adventures, but there are abilities he developed before he had a venom symbiote.

Marvel's Best Venom got his powers. [SPOILER] Not a symbiote

Warning: Future spoilers Savage Avengers #3!

In the Marvel Universe, symbiotes are: Venom is known for granting extraordinary powers, but the heroism of the new Agent Antidote dates back to when he went to school with Peter Parker, before he put on his alien suit.


Flash Thompson has had a considerable journey in the Marvel Universe. He started out bullying Peter Parker and became a veteran, but his story didn’t stop there. After losing a leg in battle, he soon gained the Venom Symbiote and became a superhero known as Agent Venom. But after losing it, he got the Anti-Venom Symbiote, and was reborn as a member of the Savage Avengers and a wacky new hero.

Recently, Flash Thompson and the Anti-Venom symbiote have been thrown into a new fight: Savage Avengers #3 David Pepose and Carlos Magno. To prevent Deathlok from killing the time-shifted Conan, Anti-Venom and another group of heroes travel back in time to the times of the ancient Highborians. To bring him back to life, the group begins a plan to catch Deathlok, and Anti-Venom is tasked with distracting the killer cyborg assassin. Midtown High.

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With all the powers and abilities stored in the Anti-Venom symbiote, not to mention the weapons he uses as an Anti-Venom agent, Flash Thompson’s greatest asset in this situation is still his garbage. It’s also a strange twist on the character. Flash, who had been bullied in high school, was no stranger to saying trash to everyone on and off the football field. However, his character changed later in his life when he realized the error of his way and eventually became a great soldier and close friend of his former victim, Peter. Returning to the trash talker is a bit of a homecoming for him, as the worst traits of the past are finally used up forever.

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Also interesting is when you compare Flash’s trash story to Spider-Man’s. Flash was a big fan of Spider-Man in high school, and Spider-Man is a notorious joker who teases his enemies. But Spider-Man’s trashy tone is driven by nervousness and a desire not to lose control in violent situations. This is the exact opposite of Flash’s trash talk from arrogance and domination. Of course, the desire to hurt others is a flash of feeling ignored by a violent father, showing both the similarities and differences to the wall-crawling hero and ex-victim man.

While he took his work seriously, Venom and Antidote Flash began life as a character readers should hate. So it’s fascinating to see Marvel resurrecting his profanity in a more positive context. As a thug, only future problems will be revealed by the Savage Avengers .

Savage Avengers #3 is now available in Marvel Comics.

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