Photocall TV: Watch Hundreds of Free TV Channels

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Last updated on December 17th, 2022 at 02:01 pm is a service in which you can enjoy your favorite channels live and through the Internet, since as soon as you access it you will be able to find the logos of all the channels so that you can access them instantly from the web. Although the most common may be to access its content from your computer or mobile, you can also watch its hundreds of free channels from your television.

We tell you how you can do it, although we anticipate that you will have to use your Chromecast and you will need to download a free application on your mobile phone. If you want to know more, keep reading.


What is Photocall TV?

Photocall TV is an online platform specialized in the transmission of television channels. As of the date of this article, it has more of 1000 channels in its catalog, distributed as follows:

  • 246 national channels (Spain)
  • 390 international channels
  • 369 cable channels / other
  • 230 radio channels
  • 14 places to consult programming guides

Its use is very simple, as it is enough to enter its website to be dazzled by its wide variety of content. The channels are organized with their respective category, which we can change at the top of the web.

By default, only the channel logo will be shown to us, but, hovering over it, we will be able to see a message that indicates its name. In addition to this, we will find additional information in case the channel is temporarily down or if an event is being broadcast.

By clicking on any of these, we will have access to several options, being “Direct” the first of these. By clicking on it, we will be redirected to a website to enjoy the Live broadcast Photocall TV.

If you are looking for a specific channel, you can use the bar located at the top right and write its name. Remember that you must first select the category, as you will not be able to get international channels with the search engine while you are in the national section.

Photocall TV channels 

  • National: In this section we can find Spanish channels, such as: La 1, La 2, Antena 3, Telecinco, La Sexta, Mega, Paramount Network and GOL
  • International: Varied channels from different countries around the world, among which are: ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, NBC, BBC, Sky News, Russia Today, NASA, Telemundo, RCN and Caracol Televisión
  • Other: This section contains a varied selection of content, from sports to cinema. Some of these are: Formula 1, MotoGP, NBA, NFL, MLB, UFC, WWE, All Sports, FX, Discovery +, History, National Geographic and TNT
  • Radio: Listen to online stations from different cities around the world. The most popular stations available are: Radio Nacional de España, Onda Cero, Fox News Radio, CNN, BBC Radio and LOS40
  • Guide, Info and VPN: The last 3 sections are not channels, but tools offered Photocall TV. Programming guides, additional information, and some recommended VPNs
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Photocall TV App

It’s no surprise that such a comprehensive platform is available for mobile devices. Android and iOS users will be able to enjoy equally Photocall TV from your mobile browser (Chrome and Safari).

Photocall TV App

However, there are a few differences compared to the PC version that we should mention:

  • By not being able to hover over the channels, we will not be able to get their names in any way. Because of this, you will have to get and see the channels through their logo
  • Ads are much more annoying than on the PC version, as the mobile versions of Photocall TV they open above the selected tab and occupy the space we want to see
  • Some of the channels are regionally blocked, so you will need to use a paid VPN to watch them

These negatives aside, Photocall TV works normally on mobile devices. We can see how much content we want without limitation and in the best possible quality.

For more convenience, you can use media players like AceStream, specifically designed to reproduce live broadcasts with the least possible interference.

Photocall.TV APK 2022

In order to counteract the negative aspects of Photocall TV On mobile, its development team has created a native version for Android.

However, as its content may be considered copyright infringement, it is not available in the Play Store. That is why to install it we will use a APK.

An APK file consists of an app installation package, something like the files .exe on Windows computers. Once executed, we can install and enjoy Photocall TV through the app.

How to install Photocall TV APK?

  • Open your header browser to access Google and search “Photocall TV APK”
  • Search within the pages to find a version that is well rated by users and has positive feedback confirming that it works
  • Click on the download button and wait until it finishes. In case you have not installed an APK before, you must give the browser permission to install applications from unknown sources. You can do this easily from your mobile settings
  • Then open the file and follow the steps indicated by the system to complete the installation
  • Ready! Just open it to enjoy all the content of Photocall TV 2022
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How to watch Photocall TV on Smart TV?

Photocall TV App

We already know how to use Photocall TV on PC and mobile devices, but what better option for streaming than a Smart tv? Although it is not available natively with applications, there is a method to broadcast the hundreds of channels available on the web on our TV.

To carry out this trick it will be necessary that we have a device Chromecast or similar, since we are going to install an Android application to carry out the procedure.

The app in question is Web Video Cast, which will allow us to include a browser on our Smart TV. If you want to unlock a couple of additional features, there is also a paid version, but it doesn’t include anything fancy.

When you have the app installed on your device, this is what you should do:

  • Open the file browser or browse the internet to find the video you want to stream to your TV
  • Plays the channel of Photocall TV through its website
  • Connect to your streaming device to start streaming video. You will achieve this by pressing the button “Casting” within the app while keeping the device synchronized
  • It is done! Now you can watch hundreds of free TV channels from your Smart TV

Web Video Cast Compatible Devices

  • Chromecast
  • Roku
  • DLNA receivers
  • Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick
  • Smart TV: LG, Netcast and WebOS, Samsung, Sony and others
  • PlayStation 4 using your web browser

Web Video Cast Features

  • Live broadcasts compatible with various file extensions
  • Movies and TV series online in 1080P
  • Play MP4 videos, sports and live news
  • Compatible with HTML5 web pages
  • Allows transmission through protocol IPTV
  • You can share your photos and other media files like music

Watch Formula 1 for free in Photocall Tv

We have access to the ABC, a channel that broadcasts Formula 1 live in the United States, as well as Channel 4, which broadcasts Formula 1 free of charge in the United Kingdom and Ireland, via

The streaming quality is excellent because it is nothing more than the signal from the television network, to which we have direct access via its website.

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This website also provides access to thousands of radio stations from around the world, so it is an option if we only want to listen to the race without seeing it.

Alternatives to Photocall TV

Yes OK Photocall TV is one of the best options for watch free tv channelsIt is not the only one, since there are a couple of alternatives. Take a look at these websites and similar applications, you may discover content that is not available on other platforms:

  • My TV: Mi Tele is a service that provides us with nationally produced content, since its entire catalog covers Spain TV channels. In addition to the well-known live broadcasts, you can enjoy some old programs and complete series
  • Teleonline: Hundreds of channels in the same place, structured under a pleasant and easy-to-navigate interface. Thanks to its organization by categories, you will be able to find what you are looking for with a few clicks
  • RTVE: Radiotelevisión Española has its own completely free streaming service. Here you can enjoy large channels of your property and content on demand just by registering
  • In addition to having a few television channels, it is an excellent option to enjoy the online sports. As if that were not enough, it also has a couple of high quality international channels
  • Direct him: Another web page that groups different online broadcasts of television channels, mainly of Spanish channels. It does not have much advertising and has a mobile application for Android
  • VLC Player: This multimedia player in addition to playing local files, has a streaming option that works by adding servers. These are not complicated to achieve and the end result is more than satisfactory.


Little more can we add about Photocall TV, an indispensable platform for users who continue to consume television content. Being able to enjoy various channels in full HD and in our language, little more can be asked.

Do not be afraid to explore various options when it comes to streaming, as these pages depend to a great extent on their servers and your location can alter the quality of the transmission.

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