Dream of Snakes: What does dreaming with snakes mean ?

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Are you going through a situation of anguish, do you fear being cheated on or do you not decide to leave your partner? If you dream of snakes, you already know why it is -in theory-.

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What does dreaming with snakes mean

What is the explanation why you dream of snakes

Few things arouse as much curiosity as the meaning of dreams. The dream world has always fascinated humanity and until now, despite the attempts to know its ins and outs, we are not fully capable of knowing exactly how to interpret them -if we have to-. The two best-known and most prolific Western references in this field are Sigmund Freud and Carl Gustav Jung , who left us abundant literature with their theories about where dreams come from or what promotes them from within.


According to Freud, the father of psychoanalysis , dreams are the symbolic expression of the unconscious of individuals. They would come to be something like forms of expression by which contents of the unconscious part of the human mind emerge to consciousness disguised as something they are not. In dreams, therefore, there would be repressed emotions that can only be allowed to appear under the guise of dream elements whose true meaning is not literal, but must be interpreted.

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For his part, for the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung, the Freudian approach to the unconscious as a reservoir of repressed sexual desires was not enough to account for those contents that are not related to the personal history of individuals.

For Jung, creator of analytical psychology , dreams are like products of nature ; emanations of that creative force that is implicit in the conformation of cells, in the tissues of the leaves of the trees, in our skin and in cultural and artistic expressions. Therefore, they are attributed an intrinsic wisdom that is expressed through symbolic images . This creative force makes use of the impressions of the day before , the remains of the day and our vital experiences to build the images and stories of our dreams, they explain in Psicologíaymente.com .

Having said all of the above, we can suggest what according to theories it could mean to dream of snakes, but there are no golden rules for this. Freud speaks of the personal unconscious but is criticized because there are those who consider that he contradicts himself because he speaks of general principles and then points out that everything is determined by the autobiographical history of each person, then? On the other hand, Jung speaks of the collective unconscious .

I have dreamed of snakes, what does it mean?

1. Distress situation:

First of all, we have to discard the idea that these types of dreams have a concrete, fixed or immovable meaning, but rather we are talking about something abstract that we could try to interpret according to our personal circumstances. What is clear is that in most people, snakes cause fear and rejection, so that feeling sneaking into the dream may have to do with some situation of anguish that we are facing.

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2. Phallic symbol:

According to Freudian theory, dreams of elongated objects or animals may be related to a repressed or unsatisfied sexual drive. This is just one of the many theories about the meaning of dreaming about snakes.

3. Dream of snakes:

the perception we have associated with this animal is very negative due to its dangerousness, so much so that it figuratively slipped into the dictionary to refer to a person with bad intentions. Therefore, it is normal for dreams of snakes to have an explanation that suggests that something is not right, that it is related to disappointments, betrayals, deception, etc.

4. Dreaming of snakes:

Some theories indicate that it is different to dream of aggressive snakes -the dream would then be related to sexuality- or of calm snakes -related to wisdom-.

Meaning of dreaming of snakes according to their color

The psychology of color studies the effect of activation and neuronal excitation that colors produce in our brain. Colors can have an impact on the individual’s decision making and that is why these theories are being used in fields such as marketing, advertising, event organization and also in the study of human personality.

– Green snakes : the color green is related to intuition. Dreaming of green snakes could have to do with news, with advances and changes or maturation processes.

– Black snakes : the colors black, brown or gray are associated with sad personalities, with a tendency to live locked up in their inner world. Dreaming of black snakes can be interpreted as a warning sign, perhaps of a situation that you maintain and that is hurting you.

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– Yellow snakes : dreaming of yellow snakes can be interpreted as a warning of danger, a reflection of your concerns or a betrayal of others towards you or of yourself with your principles.

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