FIFA World Cup 2022 apps: the 6 best apps to follow everything

FIFA World Cup apps for 2022
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The coming weeks will be dominated by the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. If you don’t want to miss anything from the matches and know what the scores and points are, a number of apps can certainly not be missed. What are the best World Cup apps?

FIFA World Cup apps for 2022

FIFA World Cup apps for 2022

The World Cup will take place from November 20 to December 18, 2022. The football matches have been assigned to Qatar, and that has not gone unnoticed. The country does not seem to take human rights seriously at all. For example, there is a lot to do about the working conditions of the workers and people with a different orientation are also vilified. However, Qatar is allowed to organize the 64 matches that will be held.

When will the Netherlands play?

The Netherlands has been drawn in group A and is in the group with Senegal, Ecuador and Qatar. The first match of the Dutch national team is against Senegal on November 21 at 5:00 PM Dutch time. On November 25, we will play against Ecuador at the same time and on November 29, the Orange squad will play against Qatar at 4:00 PM.


The best apps

There are a lot of sources and apps where you can get your information from during the 2022 World Cup. DroidApp lists the best apps for this, so you don’t have to miss anything from the different matches.


Via the NOS app you can stay informed of all events surrounding the World Cup in Qatar. Not only for the latest news about football, but also for the upcoming matches. In the NOS app you can also switch to the live stream of the matches for which the NOS has broadcasting rights. With the push notifications that you can enable via the app, you are immediately informed of important events.

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Flash score

You can use the Flashscore app for all football matches from all over the world. Of course you can also download the application for the World Cup in Qatar. You can see which matches are scheduled per day. Live you can see what the standings are, and it is also possible to see who the referee is, what the line-up is, along with even more statistics. The ‘comments’ tab of a match shows which events have taken place.

World Cup App 2022 – Schedule

A handy app for the World Cup is from TorAlarm. This application shows in the home screen the different matches that are played, and you can also quickly see the groups with the countries. In the match overview you can immediately see the status of the match, who scored when and in which stadium the match is being played. It also shows what the positions of the different parties are. You can stay informed about goals and the standings via a notification on your lock screen.

Results for World Cup 2022

Another app that can help you with information about the World Cup is the app ‘Results for World Cup 2022’. This application shows the matches on the screen in a handy overview. You can quickly see the group positions and you will see a clock with every match. This allows you to quickly enable the push notifications for the matches. In addition, this app also provides you with useful information that comes in handy.


The OneFootball app also helps you with the World Cup in Qatar. This application transmits the matches not only for the football world cup, but also for all other competitions in the world and of course also the Eredivisie. To use this app, you must first create an account and select a favorite club. You can choose any club if you only come here for the World Cup. Related news is also shown in the app around the chosen competition.

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Google itself is also a very useful tool if you want to keep track of everything about the World Cup. Search in the browser or via Google Discover for ‘WK’. You will then see a nice overview. Here you can immediately see the upcoming matches, but you can also navigate to the standings, the news about the competition, the players and teams. By tapping the three dots you can put a shortcut to this option on your home screen, so you don’t have to Google again and again.

Which app do you prefer to use to not miss anything from the World Cup? Let us know by leaving a comment below this post.

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