What do ALV, POV, XD and other abbreviations and expressions of WhatsApp, TikTok or Twitter mean

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Last updated on November 26th, 2022 at 03:32 pm

On many occasions, abbreviations are essential when writing messages, whether on WhatsApp or on other social networks. Here you can consult a list with some of the most used and their meaning.

What do ALV, POV, XD and other abbreviations and expressions of WhatsApp, TikTok or Twitter mean
What do ALV, POV, XD and other abbreviations and expressions of WhatsApp, TikTok or Twitter mean | 

Social networks have become essential tools in the lives of many people: to find out, to communicate and to show the world part of our daily lives. However, each social network ‘forces’ you to learn a certain language, to make the most of its features and, on many occasions, to take advantage of the space for writing. For example, Twitter only allows you to write 280 characters —initially only 140 were allowed—, so it is common to see a multitude of abbreviations and acronyms to shorten texts.


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In others, regardless of their limitation, even non-existent, of characters, some expressions arise, normally used by the younger generations , which can confuse those unfamiliar with this language. On TikTok, for example, one of the most fashionable networks today, you can find videos in which you can find acronyms like POV that, without knowing their meaning, make it difficult to understand the meaning of the messages. 

What do ALV, POV, XD and other abbreviations and expressions of WhatsApp, TikTok or Twitter mean

At Teach Tactic we have compiled a list of some of these most common expressions, abbreviations and acronyms , in order to put context and understand all the content that is accessed through this channel:

  • RT : This is commonly seen on Twitter and stands for ‘retweet’; is used to send a message that you like another user to your followers
  • +1 (or +1,000) : it is also common on Twitter and is often used to, in addition to republishing another person’s message, reinforce your support for that comment
  • DM : is the abbreviation for ‘direct message’, that is, direct message; It is used to notify a user that you want to send him a private message
  • MP : it is the same as the previous one, but directly in Spanish, and it is more common to see it on Facebook
  • TT : means ‘trending topic’, that is to say, it is one of the topics of the moment; are terms that set trends and are being talked about in the social network
  • FYI : Perhaps more common in emails; means ‘for your information’ (‘for your information’) and is used to transfer something you have seen somewhere to another person who may be interested
  • LOL (or even ‘loles’, in the plural): it is the acronym for ‘laughing out loud’, which could be translated as ‘to laugh out loud’
  • ROFL : this is similar to the previous one, but with more power: in this case it is the acronym for ‘rolling on floor laughing’, that is, thrown on the floor laughing
  • TKS : this is one of the simplest, it would be equivalent to an English ‘thanks’, that is, ‘thank you’
  • WTF : is used, in different social networks —and even in spoken conversations— to express surprise at something strange, surreal or simply surprising. It comes from ‘What the fuck…!’, something like ‘But what…!’
  • xD : maybe a bit out of date, although it is still used in many written messages; simulates the emoticon of a big smile with closed eyes
  • BFF : among adolescents, a common: it is the acronym for ‘best friends forever’, or ‘best friends forever’
  • OMG : no, it does not read “oemegé” but it is the short way to write ‘Oh, my God’ (‘Oh, my God!)
  • ALV : it is an acronym used mainly in Spanish-speaking countries in America such as Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela or Chile, although it has also reached Spain. ALV can have several meanings, but in the colloquial field of social networks and among the youngest, the acronym ALV means ‘to hell’, something that in Spanish could be exclaimed as “to hell”, “to hell” or “fuck it”
  • IMO : this acronym means ‘in my opinion’, that is, ‘in my opinion’ in Spanish: it is used to give an opinion on a specific topic
  • POV : This acronym comes from the world of cinema and theater; means ‘point of view’ (‘point of view’) and is a label widely used among ‘tiktokers’ who recreate certain scenes from a particular perspective or from a certain point of view, with a well-detailed context
  • F : perhaps less frequent, as it is an acronym used above all in the video game environment; It comes from ‘Call of Duty’ and is used when something sad happens or something doesn’t go as planned. In fact, it’s the ‘Advanced Warfare’ way of showing respect when a character dies.

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