How To Recover Deleted Videos On Tiktok

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Last updated on December 17th, 2022 at 02:02 pm

The videos that we shoot for various social networks may turn out to be especially significant after a while. because they can remind you of an interesting and bright period in life, past relationships or old acquaintances. After all, the most precious thing in the world is memory. But what if you suddenly, by mistake, deleted the video that was uploaded to tiktok? Don’t worry, there’s a good chance he can be saved. We will tell you how to recover a deleted video from Tik-Tok below.

How To Recover Deleted Videos On Tiktok

What Clips Can Be Returned?

In most cases, videos that were recorded and uploaded through the application and then deleted by the user cannot be restored using Tik-Tok. As the latest way to get back deleted videos on Tik Tok, you can try contacting support. There are rumors that sometimes clips are stored on servers and, through the support of tiktok you can access them. But only on the condition that not much time has passed since the destruction and the videos themselves do not violate anyone’s copyrights.


We have not tried this method and cannot say for sure whether it works or not. Therefore, when creating new TikTok videos, it is best to always check the “save to device” checkbox at the time of uploading – in the future, this will allow you to quickly and relatively easily return all materials.

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But do not despair, because there are several alternative options for recovering deleted videos in Tik-Tok at once. True, a lot here depends on how exactly they were uploaded to tiktok. None of the options below will work if the user has not taken care in advance to properly configure file uploads to the application.

How To Recover Deleted Videos On Tiktok

Now let’s talk about working ways to get back deleted videos on Tik-Tok. If the user first records and edits the video, and only after that uploads it to TikTok, copies always remain on the device, in the “Gallery” section, in the appropriate folder.

And even if you erase them from there, you can restore the video from the cloud storage. To do this, you need to set up synchronization on the device in advance. For example, from Google Drive. In addition, special programs also help to recover deleted videos from the phone’s memory. Such as Stellar Photo Recovery.

Also, the video can be saved on the phone or in the cloud storage if the “save to device” checkbox was ticked during uploading to the social network tiktok. In this case, the finished and edited video is not only loaded into the application, but also downloaded to the device’s memory.

Additional Application Features

The functionality in Tik-Tok also allows you to record, edit and save videos in the “drafts” section without making them publicly available. A video from the “drafts” section can be made public at any time by opening access to it. And if necessary, download to the device.

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To remove a video on Tik-Tok from the “drafts” section, Android users just need to select the desired video and hold it for a while, and the Apple product user clicks on the post that you want to delete and swipe left. After that, you need to confirm the operation. We remind you once again: any videos erased by yourself cannot be restored through the application. Take care of making copies in advance.

In addition to “drafts”, you can upload videos with limited access to your account. For example, set up access only for yourself, for friends and friends of friends, or for all users. In the future, the access settings for uploaded videos can be changed and made available to others. And when uploading videos with restrictions, it is easy to save them directly in the application. In this case, access to the deleted videos for other users will be closed.

Why Do Tik Tok Videos Disappear On Their Own?

In some cases, users may find that videos that they did not delete have disappeared from their Tik Tok account. This happens if the post was deleted by the moderators in Tik-Tok. The fact is that the moderators delete any videos that violate the rules of the site. If the video contains harassment and intimidation, erotic overtones, a demonstration of the use of tobacco and alcohol products, serves to spread viruses or complaints are received, it can be moved to the deleted video category.

Carefully study the rules of this social network before posting videos on Tik-Tok: five posts with violations blocked by the moderator lead to a complete blocking of the account.

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Can’t Be Saved, But Can Be Saved

It turns out that the most reliable way to save videos is to create copies while uploading to Tik-Tok or at the time of shooting and editing. This allows even if the video is deleted from the device, return it using special programs.

Try to set up the saving of published videos on the device in advance, as well as connect synchronization and cloud storage. This approach is guaranteed to ensure the preservation of the files that you upload. There is probably no other way to do this.

By the way, connecting cloud storage allows you to recover not only lost videos, but also documents, music and other files that are stored on the device.

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