What does Ratio mean on TikTok?

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If you work on this social network, you will surely want to know what ratio means on TikTok. This is a network that has allowed people to have reach that they have not imagined before, of course it is a network that has become viral and people use it for practically everything, surely you will also want to learn about it.

This time we are going to teach you the meaning of this term, so that you also stay up to date with information and if you have a TikTok of your own, you can get around more easily.

Meaning of Ratio on TikTok

What does Ratio mean on TikTok?

Since social media has come, millions of people have been sucked in, now many people have affiliations to many social media sites, people go to them for different reasons.


The meaning of Ratio on TikTok is that your post is getting more responses than likes. This is the appropriate term to talk about this topic while you are working on TikTok, this network, like others, will allow you to communicate with other people, find out news, meet people with other interests, hold an event or enjoy some content.

The meaning of proportion in social media

Since you know what ratio means on TikTok, it is good that you know a little about the term. It was originally used in the social network Twitter and what it wants is to inform you that your publication is being perceived in a negative way.

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It is a way of making you see that people do not agree with you, through your publication or comment, your opinion is not favorable and it could be the case that you are even denounced, it all depends on the type of acceptance that people show .

If people see something with proportion, they can go already predisposed only because the majority has stated that they do not agree with you. This works like this on Twitter and of course on TikTok it is something very similar too.

Actually, this doesn’t happen very often, but there are some posts that could make people angry, whether in videos or by putting text on tiktok or also some comment, they will manifest it through the ratio.

What other uses is given to the ratio in TikTok?

Apart from what we have explained to you regarding what ratio means on TikTok, this is also sometimes used in a more positive way. An example would be that sometimes users will write the comment “ratio me 1:1” as a challenge or joke. The meaning would be that this user wants to get likes, as well as the publication where he commented.

What other uses is given to the ratio in TikTok?

There are also certain levels to this that would be quite a challenge as well. An example would be that, if a user has left the comment “ratio me 1: 1: 1” , but the post has 100 likes, he is asking for 100 likes in his comment and of course this translates into 100 likes in the comments that they are under the one that he has made.

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How to respond to comments made on TikTok?

If you have seen a controversial comment and you want to support it, or on the contrary show that you do not agree, this is something quite easy to point out. If you want to approve, you just have to click on the heart that is on the right in the corner of the comment.

If you disagree with the opinion made and want to express a different point of view, you will need the reply button that is located just below the comment. As you can see, it is quite easy to do. Now you will know what ratio means in TikTok in all the uses that this term is given within the social network.

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